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Though indoor climbing tends to be clear of mountain-goat traffic, climbers at Adrenaline Climbing may come across a different kind of animal: the adrenaline junkie. Owners Trey and Brad provide a haven for these gentle thrill-seekers at their enormous facility, which boasts 12,500 square feet of climbing space. Along with their staff, the duo takes a hands-on approach to climbing instruction, helping them with the equipment and spotting they need to traverse Adrenaline’s walls.

To keep things fresh, the challenging routes and boulder problems—meticulously prepared by a route-management plan and rated according to the Yosemite Decimal System—are periodically recast. Adrenaline Climbing welcomes all climbers, dispensing lessons regardless of skill level, discipline, age, or spirit animal preference. The facility also hosts youth training, climbing classes, and even outdoor guiding trips.

460 Brogdon Rd