Skiing & Snowboarding in Suwanee

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Sound Excursions describes their carefully curated group experiences as "field trips for adults." It's easy to see why: every outing takes groups to a new realm of Washington, whether it's the frothy shores of Puget Sound, inland forests and mountains, or tables at Seattle's thriving restaurants. The events held at these diverse locations range from culinary workshops on topics such as sushi-making and moonshine-tasting, to adventurous excursions with whitewater rafting or kayaking, to laid-back themed party cruises. For many outings, luxury transportation is provided.

68 Mitchell St. SW

The instructors at Southern School of Snow Sports have developed an unusual, dry-slope training method, insisting that you don't need actual snow to master the basics of snow sports. So what's their alternative? A "white carpet" made of skiable turf. The slick, pliable material makes for an excellent practice surface?perfect for mastering how to turn and slow down. The instructors lay it down on gently sloping hills at local middle schools and high schools, where they complement their tutorials with lessons on proper safety and yeti avoidance.

2891 Mars Hill Rd

Icy coats clothe the hills at Snowy Joe's Winter Park from December to February as riders cut through winds atop inflated rings. At the top of the massive mound, bodies are postmarked express and delivered to the end of 350-foot alleys. Younger racers hike to the top of a shorter hill to shoot down smooth, 60-foot chutes. The venue welcomes large groups or birthday parties, providing pizza or special rates for family gatherings. Riders can also gather around a crackling open fire and sip on free hot chocolate.

3027 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard