Charity & Grassroots in Temecula

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  • Hybrid Adventure Series Temecula
    A brand new Adventure Series that was built around having fun while giving back. After a day of adventure running, keg tossing, obstacle course sprinting, tractor tire flipping, archery range shooting, and beer drinking, you will know what it means to be a true Hybrid Athlete. You will know what it means to give back.
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    40500 Highway 79
    Temecula, CA US
  • Vin Hesten Trail Adventures
    "Vin hesten," a Norwegian phrase meaning "wine horses," is an appropriate title for a stable located right in the middle of Temecula Valley's wine country. And though wine and horseback riding is a major draw for tourists and locals, Vin Hesten Trail Adventures has a far more humanitarian pursuit. Every trail horse onsite is a rescue from a neighboring ranch that may otherwise have been sent to auction or slaughter. Guests can stop by for a quick lesson, purchase gear, or opt for a guided trail ride through the lush outlying wine country.
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    41605 De Portola Rd
    Temecula, CA US
  • VVBA
    Established in 1986 to support the revitalization of the downtown area, the Vista Village Business Association helps local businesses and activities through volunteer efforts and events, festivals, and city government.
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    150 East Broadway
    Vista, CA US
  • Laughing Pony Rescue Rancho Santa Fe
    As with many equestrians, Celia Sciacca?s affection for horses can be traced back to her childhood. When she was just 10, she received her first horse, Hot Foot Honey, who she would ride bareback through the streets of New York. In a way, more than 300 horses now owe their health and happiness to this steed, because Hot Foot Honey sparked in Celia an abiding passion for the animals that lasts to this day. Working closely with the United Pegasus Foundation, Celia takes in sick, abused, and abandoned horses of any breed, and rehabilitates them through her organization, Laughing Pony Rescue. As president, Celia oversees an all-volunteer staff that tends to as many as 20 horses at a time, giving them nutritious food and clean water, daily vitamins, and plenty of room to run, roll on their backs, and nap in the sun. Horses at Laughing Pony Rescue also find something that the herd animals can lack: the companionship of other horses and positive social interaction with people. For example, Laughing Pony Rescue offers therapeutic riding sessions for adults and children with disabilities. After training and veterinary care have given the horses back their strength, Laughing Pony Rescue puts the animals up for adoption and sees that they live out their lives at a loving home.
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    7143 Via Del Charro
    Rancho Santa Fe, CA US
  • H2O Trash Patrol
    H2O Trash Patrol has a singular mission: to keep sand and water free of trash. The nonprofit was borne out of a family exercise in picking up debris from the beach, but the influx of garbage was soon too much to keep up with. So H2O Trash Patrol was formed, and its members float atop the waters in and around San Diego county waterways on standup-paddleboards, lampooning marine debris before sorting them and recycling what they can. H2O Trash Patrol's goals are big. Its 50-50-50 challenge aims to clean 50 waterways in 50 states over the course of 50 days, and its efforts have been recognized by the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation, which gave the organization an Environmental Hero Award in 2011. To raise funds for its mission, H2O Trash Patrol offers standup-paddleboarding lessons to the uninitiated, teaching pupils how to balance, paddle, and maneuver their boards as they cruise on flat water. Lessons traverse the coast at various locales such as Oceanside Harbor, Carlsbad Lagoon, and San Diego Bay.
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    1540 North Harbor Drive
    Oceanside, CA US
  • Carlsbad Village Yoga
    When corporations decide to revise the way they handle resources, Ace—an acronym for “a creative environment”—springs into action with suggestions for environmentally sustainable practices. Ace Wellness is a division of the company that helps businesses and communities develop fitness programs. One of these is Carlsbad Village Yoga and Fitness, which aims to invigorate the local community with more than 50 yoga and fitness classes, which are more effective than spiking the town’s water supply with Mountain Dew. From beach boot camp to kids’ exercise classes, the offerings are as diverse as the instructors. Of these teachers, some hail from Brazil and some have studied in exotic locales such as Istanbul, but they all enhance their classes in their own ways. The majority of these sessions happen inside a studio known as “the heartspace.” Local artwork covers the walls of the studio, which is lined with hardwood floors and surrounded by mirrors. Out on the brick patio, guests can enjoy veggie protein shakes or count bricks until they fall asleep. On the first Friday of the month, the studio hosts black-light yoga, yoga for kids, and a community potluck. On weekends, the space is available for rehearsal dinners, art openings, and other events.
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    2801-B Roosevelt St
    Carlsbad, CA US