Japanese Restaurants in Troy

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  • Kitaro Bistro of Japan
    A set of crimson, torii-style gates welcomes visitors to Kitaro Bistro of Japan, where tropical cocktails, inventive maki, and sizzling steak and seafood plates burst at the seams with umami flavor. Kitaro is a mix of traditional and modern influences, eschewing the de facto hibachi-steakhouse aesthetic while keeping many of its famed dishes. Industrial floor-to-ceiling windows and sleek, black leather booths share space with flat grill tops, which heat up filet mignon and mahi mahi at lunch and dinner. Chefs also prepare innovative fusion dishes such as bourbon shrimp and blackened-tuna sandwiches alongside familiar Japanese seafood, from hand-rolled maki to delicate nigiri.
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    4551 Highway K
    O'Fallon, MO US
  • Lucky Sushi House
    The chefs at Lucky Sushi House reach beyond the borders of their eatery's name by serving a menu that not only features sushi, but also Japanese teriyaki dishes and Chinese staples such as orange chicken. Behind the sushi bar, chefs stack morsels of eel nigiri and roll combinations of crab, avocado, and tuna into cozy cocoons of rice. While admiring the decorative fans on the walls or peering into the restaurant's aquarium to check for messages in bottles, patrons can also crunch into squid-tempura rolls, split a plate of pot stickers, and swig Harbin Lager imported from China.
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    222 Mid Rivers Ctr.
    Saint Peters, MO US
  • Shogun Japanese Steakhouse
    The charismatic chefs at Shogun Japanese Steakhouse toss together combinations of filet mignon, lobster, chicken, and scallops on a fiery hibachi tabletop grill, right in front of diners. They’ve performed this style of hibachi grilling for nearly 20 years. In addition to the hibachi cuisine, the menu features traditional entrees such as fried rice and salmon in lemon butter and teriyaki sauce. Enjoy a cup of japanese green tea to complement your meal, or try cocktails such as sake bombs and the Green Dragon, which is served only to patrons who can breathe fire.
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    2057 Zumbehl Rd.
    St. Charles, MO US
  • Kampai Sushi Chesterfield
    Kampai translates as the Japanese equivalent of cheers, more or less. Literally, it means "dry cup," and was traditionally used to encourage drinkers to polish off their beverages. It's the motto at Kampai Sushi Bar, where guests toast pints over meals of fresh sushi rolls. Kampai's chefs craft more than 40 different sushi rolls, from familiar creations such as the California and tempura rolls to more exotic assemblies, such as the Love roll. The roll is sweet, like love itself, combining smoked salmon with mango under a wrapping of soy paper, like love itself, and topping the whole thing off with honey wasabi soy sauce?just like true love. The menu also includes a selection of beer and wine to fuel those toasts as well as hot Japanese entr?es and Korean specialties, such as bulgogi.
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    1637 Clarkson Rd.
    Chesterfield, MO US
  • Fin Japanese Cuisine
    Helmed by chef Paul Kulkanjanatorn, who boasts 10 years in the raw fish-fileting industry, Fin Japanese Cuisine serves up a vast menu of authentic Japanese fare in a sophisticated and romantic setting. Gird yourself for a long night of vampire hunting with a hearty dinner bento box such as the Shogun Set, a collection of gindara miso, shrimp tempura, and sashimi ($18.95), or opt for tonkatsu, a deep-fried breaded pork cutlet mingled with katsu sauce ($16.95). Midday munchers can luxuriate in a lunch bento set, served with gyoza, house salad, rice, miso soup, and a helping of chicken, salmon, or steak teriyaki ($9.95).
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    1682 Clarkson Rd
    Chesterfield, MO US
  • Emperor's Palace
    Outside, flames blaze within a set of stone cauldrons atop towering tripods. The vessels, known as dings, have been symbols of power in China since ancient times, when dynasties ruled the empire—making them a fitting façade for the Emperor’s Palace. Within the restaurant’s high ceilings, a dining room takes inspiration from the Suzhou Botanical Gardens, with tables sitting among waterfalls, ponds connected by bridges, and an open, four-sided Chinese-style pagoda with red and gold accents and pointed eaves. Amid the traditional Chinese décor, aromas of sizzling meats and piquant sauces waft from an open kitchen, where chefs perform as they sear, broil, and stir-fry more than 200 dishes in full view of patrons. They craft traditional and American-Chinese dishes such as roasted peking duck and walnut shrimp, American-style charbroiled steak, sushi, and Korean-style kimchi. Contributing to the restaurant's international focus, seafood dishes incorporate such ingredients as New Zealand blue mussels and Alaskan crab legs complete with miniature snowshoes.
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    17360 Chesterfield Airport Rd.
    Chesterfield, MO US

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