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  • Zen Hot Yoga
    A novice might not think it matters much where you perform yoga—aren't the poses the same regardless?—but Zen Hot Yoga's unique design proves otherwise. With a custom-designed, anti-bacterial, looping construction, its non-skid flooring allows for greater air circulation and wicks away moisture when the studio is at its hottest. These design advantages are in full force during the studio's hot and warm yoga classes, which the studio holds in a few different styles. Instructors introduce a series of still postures in the core-building hot yoga class, and they guide students through synchronized breath and movement in the cardio-focused hot vinyasa. Other classes add atmosphere by mixing in guided meditation, rock music, or the soft, warm light of a burning scarecrow. Zen Hot Yoga even helps customers practice their technique outside the classroom; it houses retail boutiques supplying yoga clothing, aromatherapy oils, and environmentally friendly yoga mats.
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    3352 Princess Anne Rd
    Virginia Beach, VA US
  • Daniel's Lawn and Garden
    Daniel’s Lawn & Garden Center has a perfect five-star average from three Insider Pagers and an average of four stars from three Google Mappers:
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    4900 Colley Ave
    Norfolk, VA US
  • Eastern Virginia Medical and da Vinci Spa
    The medical technicians at Innovations Health and Wellness know that losing weight is tricky, and keeping it off is even trickier. That's why they base their medically certified weight loss programs and treatments around equal parts science and support. From low-calorie diets and weight-loss counseling to B12 injections and appetite suppressants, treatments helps clients change their lifestyles while simultaneously shedding inches. While weight loss programs take effect, spa technicians also assist with other aesthetic matters. Body wraps countour bodies with the help of infrared heat, and their Smart Lipo system harnesses the power of ultrasonic energy, which busts up the cellular fat stores without the need for invasive treatments. In addition to helping patients lose weight, they also maintain appearances with laser hair removal sessions and brighten smiles with teeth whitening treatments powered by UV light.
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    1021 Eden Way N
    Chesapeake, VA US
  • High Sierra Pools
    Ski Chalet proffers the latest in snow-slicing technology with professional in-shop services and top-flight gear. Prep your skis for mountain season with a thorough tune-up, which delights snow gliders with an indulgent stone grind, bevel, and hot-wax treatment before whispering inspirational quotes in their ears and sending them back to the slopes. Lift loafers can peruse skis, boots, bindings, and poles in the pro shop, or they can complete a preexisting mountain-defeating arsenal with protective wear like GoreTex-laced gloves ($64.95) or ear warmers ($30). Newer skiers can count on friendly, helpful service to pair them with appropriate equipment.
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    2704 Columbia Pike
    Arlington, VA US
  • River City Referrals
    River City Referrals assists homeowners and tool-tinkerers looking for the appropriate contractor for a home-improvement project. Clients describe their project to River City Referrals, who then search its database of trusted contractors to produce a skilled, qualified handyman. These jacks-of-all-trades assist in a multitude of services ranging from painting and landscaping to window installation. After that, rates vary by contractor and project, but past projects have included washing-machine repair (about $250), ceiling patch and medallion installation ($275), and a lighting repair ($125).
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    8602 Julian Rd
    Richmond, VA US
  • The Great Frame Up
    With a police escort by his side, Dan Seachord strode across the Hampton University campus clutching the commission of a lifetime in his arms: a stately photograph of the Emancipation Oak, mounted and framed by Dan himself as the university's gift to the president of the United States. Whether designing fancy frames for diplomats or simpler ones for citizens, Dan and Carrie Seachord at The Great Frame Up customize frames for all manner of art, including pre-purchased pieces and images selected from the store's miniature gallery. Display cases and other enclosures capture a range of personal effects, from ticket stubs to three-dimensional keepsakes such as footballs and World's Best Mug mugs. The Great Frame Up also sends members of its design team on in-home and commercial consultations to ensure décor coordinates within offices and living spaces.
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    12551 Jefferson Avenue
    Newport News, VA US