Activities in Wade Hampton

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Reservations/Appointments: Required

Established: 2014

Staff Size: 1 person

Average Duration of Services: 30 minutes or less

Parking: Parking lot

Brands Used: Zapata racing flyboard, Yamaha

Recommended Age Group: Adults

Pro Tip: Arrive dressed in swim attire with shoes or sandals.

Q&A with Ashley, Owner/flyboard Instructor

What is one fun, unusual fact about your business?

It looks hard, but the truth is, most people are up on the board flying in just a few minutes.

What special training do you or your staff have?

I am a certified Zapata Racing Flyboard Instructor and a U.S. Navy recue swimmer and veteran. I'm also CPR certified.

What is the experience customers can expect, and how do you make it special?

Having traveled to many places and done so many things, this is one of the most exciting things that I have tried. In fact, I liked it so much that I decided to share it with others.

3210 Rink Dam Rd.

League bowling is alive and well at Wade Hampton Lanes. There are morning and late-night leagues, church and practice leagues, leagues for men and seniors and youths, and even a league for homeschoolers and their families. This roster is a testament to the broad range of people who enjoy bowling at the center, where 32 synthetic lanes also attract casual bowlers, especially during events such as the creepy cosmic bowling that takes place on Halloween weekend. When these bowlers aren't picking up splits or pouring concrete in the gutters, they're playing video games in the arcade, browsing the pro shop, or noshing on wings and sipping draft Yuengling brews in the bar and grill.

3065 Wade Hampton Blvd

With more than 30 years of kid-entertaining experience, The Little Gym provides a safe and noncompetitive environment wherein wee ones and maturing moppets can exercise their brains and bodies. Visiting youngsters glean social, intellectual, and emotional skills from the facility's professionally developed programs in gymnastics, dance, and sports that cater to differing ages, levels of muscle development, and hatred of vegetables. Each session's hands-on activities keep the indefatigable energy motors of little tikes revving, facilitate bonding, and boost listening skills, attention spans, and confidence. Check the complete class schedule to confirm times.

1451 Woodruff Rd

The Pavilion cultivates every species of physical activity within its 66,000-square-foot indoor complex and adjacent outdoor fields. The eclectic indoor space hosts soccer, volleyball, and curling face-offs, as well as a year-round ice-skating facility, bounce house, and inline-skating space. Fledgling ice skaters slip and slide during public skating sessions or take part in the U.S. Figure Skating Association's basic skills program to grease their triple axels. As the temperature rises, members make a mad dash outdoors to one of six tennis courts and three soccer fields, or hail a ride on George, The Pavilion's historic miniature passenger train. The complex's Boundless Playground offers a space where children with disabilities can be included in play thanks to accessible slides, swings, and climbing structures.

101 West Darby Road

What began as fewer than 30 paintings hanging in two rooms has since grown into the Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery, a collection of more than 400 baroque paintings displayed in 30 galleries. The paintings—works by Rubens, van Dyck, and Murillo that date from the 14th through 19th centuries—are thoughtfully displayed in context, surrounded by furniture, sculptures, tapestries, and popular emoticons from their respective time periods. Architectural elements also add texture to the various galleries, flooding them in colorful light from stained-glass windows or framing their walls with the carved corners of fireplace mantels.

At Heritage Green, a satellite location boasts special exhibits of works pulled from the main galleries or on loan from private and public collections. Up on the second floor, interactive exhibits educate visitors of all ages on works by the old masters.

1700 Wade Hampton Boulevard

The story of The Vault of Horror revolves around the legend of Raymond Hunt III. Bullied by his peers and spurned by his parents, Raymond was a natural outcast early in life, until a violent exchange with his father culminated in a vile act: patricide. Raymond was sent to an insane asylum after the murder, but at the age of 21, he escaped, joined the circus, and put together a live freak show of humanity’s most odd and unsettling creatures. The pariah's eerie parade eventually earned him the title of Ringmaster, and Raymond—it seemed—had finally put his troubled background behind him and found a new, peaceful calling.

Soon afterward, a man came looking every night for his son, whom he'd lost while attending Raymond's show. Giving up hope, the man left one evening, sneaking a final glance at one of the cages and the twisted, snarling creature inside—a boy staring back at him with familiar eyes. The man confronted Raymond, whose repressed trauma reemerged as he killed the father in cold blood—the final spectacle of a tormented son. Raymond escaped from police custody, vanishing into a world in which he didn't belong, and the members of his freak show were never seen again. Until, that is, someone opened The Vault of Horror.

The spine-tingling brainchild of Samhain Production Company, The Vault of Horror immerses brazen guests in a hellish complex filled with blood-splattered fiends and tortured spirits. The Vault eschews familiar scares such as horror-film homages, animatronic ghouls, and undead telemarketers in favor of unique brutes played by a live cast, making the dark venue's bone-chilling scenes more authentic, immersive, and surprising.

245 N Main St
South Carolina