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  • My Pacific Pearls
    My Pacific Pearls gathers pearls from the Pacific region that go on to live above-sea-level lives as opulent necklaces, earrings, and other classic and contemporary pieces. The Maria-Theresa Reef Collection—whose pearls measure 9–10 millimetres each—is made up of 18-inch pearl princess-style necklaces in eight tasteful colours, including classic white, Tahitian black aubergine, Tahitian black peacock, peach, gray, pink, golden, and multicolour. A 14-carat white-gold clasp unites the land's precious fabric to the sea's, and after a long day of neck draping, a complimentary satin or velour pouch securely tucks necklaces in with a kiss and a bedtime story. The pearls, which hail from oyster villages that stretch from the South Pacific to the Celebes Sea, link to form a bauble whose versatile length is intended to complement necklines. Each necklace comes with high ratings for luster, nacre, surface, shape, and pearl matching.
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    540 North Schmale Road
    Carol Stream, IL US
  • It's a Bling Thing Naperville
    Husband-and-wife duo Mike and Heather drift among the electric-pink tables of It's a Bling Thing, dispensing knowledge about the necklaces, bracelets, rings, and accessories that shimmer in long rows. Beyond a rose-hued awning, walls lined with colorful clutches, rings, and wrist cuffs encircle the gleefully crowded shop and engross eyes like a staring contest with a ping-pong ball. Spotlights and a serpentine chandelier pour cascades of blue, pink, and white incandescence and lure shimmering highlights across gems and rainbow beads. The owners, a retired police officer and a schoolteacher, host after-hours shindigs that benefit charitable causes. Partygoers prance across the hardwood floors noshing on refreshments, uninterrupted by crowds of customers or arias announcing the number of hours until closing.
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    14 W Jackson Ave.
    Naperville, IL US
  • Fey and Co Jewelers
    Fey & Co. has been adorning body parts for more than 60 years, providing exquisite options and gifts for every occasion. The company prides itself on the quality of its goods and its exceptional customer service, taking the jewelry-selection process very seriously to ensure lasting satisfaction. Your pair of quarter-carat diamond studs will come set in 18-karat white gold, adding a brilliant sparkle to your aura and an optimistic tone to all future trips to the karaoke bar. Use this Groupon to treat yourself to a pair of luxurious ear ornaments, or sneak the sparklies into a short stack of flapjacks for a sweet surprise on Mother's Day. If you choose, you can use your Groupon for a $199 discount for jewelry upgrades listed in the above link.
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    833 N Washington St
    Naperville, IL US
  • Naperville Shoes Luggage Tailoring and Repairs
    Naperville Shoe, Luggage, Tailoring & Repairs lovingly resurrects shoes, purses, and pieces of luggage, rewarding their loyal service with a material makeover. Pairs of shoes may receive a heel fix-up ($22–$30 for men; $10–18 for women) to mitigate the consequences of friction and gravity, or a total heel and full-sole overhaul ($68–$75 for men), which counters erosion brought on by walking over rough concrete or tap dancing with sea urchins. In cases of faded suede, a dye application ($30 for men; $25 for women) brings back the warm chestnut browns and midnight blacks of yesteryear’s leather. Or opt for new elastics on shoe backs ($17 for two) to help restore spring to your strut. A complimentary shoe buffing accompanies all repairs, sending feet back into the world looking snug, sharp, and shiny enough to attract the notice of every handsome sock salesman.
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    1019 E Ogden Ave
    Naperville, IL US
  • Black Tie Formalwear
    Black Tie Formalwear's seasoned clothiers redefine manly silhouettes with fine Italian suits perfectly matched against dress shirts and colorful silk ties. From Italian imaginations renowned for designing distinguished men's formalwear, each suit boasts fibers of lightweight super 140 wool, a measurement that describes the heft of the yarn and the fact that it was harvested from Superman's personal flock of sheep. Michael Kors cotton dress shirts breathe easily through their comfortable weave while breathing life into fashionable ensembles. The eye-catching glisten of all silk ties rest comfortably atop shirts and chests, secretly inscribed with subconscious pick-up lines woven by flirtatious silk worms. Formalwear experts reside at each location, ready to assist customers with measurements, fittings, and recommendations of matching shoes or accessories.
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    790 Royal Saint George Dr
    Naperville, IL US
  • Merry Richards Jewelers
    For more than a quarter-century, Merry Richards Jewelers' experienced gem gurus have helped patrons repair beloved baubles and add pizzazz to their soul vessels with a number of high-fashion ornaments including diamonds, pearls, and heirloom-quality watches. Snatch up elegant trinkets from designers such as Dolceoro (starting at $175) and Andréa Candela (starting at $200), who skillfully craft silver jewelry that sparkles brighter than a constellation made of neon beer signs. Lau International fashion jewelry gives wearers virtual access to catwalks and dogstands all around the globe (starting at $125), and dress-shirt sleeves looking to tame split, flat ends can find solace with a pair of classy cuff links (starting at $300).
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    17W300 22nd St
    Oakbrook Terrace, IL US

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