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Although we specialize in wedding photography, we do photograph family, graduation, events, products, and portraits for commercial use.

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Equipment: TRX trainers, Schwinn IC Pro spin bike, Polar heart-rate monitors
Students should bring: Water, workout towel, fitness shoes, yoga mat, positive attitude
Registration required: Yes
Good for beginners: Yes
Average class length: 30–60 minutes
Number of Staff: 1–5 people
Class location: Indoors only
Established: 2013
Guests allowed: No
Parking: Free street parking
Pro Tip: Check in on Facebook and tell your friends about your workouts.

Q&A with Kellie Kahale, Owner

Exercise is challenging, and people frequently give up on their fitness routines. How do you keep clients motivated?
We try to create a positive and uplifting workout experience. We don't have a "bootcamp" or "one-size-fits-all" mentality when it comes to fitness. We encourage our clients to continue to strive to make positive changes in theirs lives through daily encouragement and positive reinforcement.

What's the most radical physical transformation you've seen a client make?
We work with clients of all fitness levels. We have had clients lose 100s of pounds of weight. The client who had the most radical transformation was a cancer survivor who we work with. Ryan, our head trainer is a stage-five lymphoma survivor. He works with local cancers survivors to help rehab and rebuild their bodies after treatment. One of our survivors went from being 250 pounds and fighting stage-three colon cancer, and one year later, is now cancer-free, dropped 75 pounds, has competed in three 5Ks, and is now working to become certified as a personal trainer to work with other cancer survivors. That's RADICAL.

Besides working out, what else can clients do to spend their time at your facility?
The Studio Redlands hosts open-house healthy-living events monthly. At these events, we educate our members on how to incorporate lifestyle changes including, diet, nutrition, caloric intake, shopping, cooking, and more.

Is there anything else you want to add that we didn't cover?
We offer specialized heart-rate training. Every member of The Studio Redlands has the option during their workout to be monitored and tracked in real time. Our health coaches teach clients how to train to properly burn calories and not over-train the body. By being able to see each client's heart rate while they workout, our health coaches can customize their workouts to get each individual client their maximu results. At the end of every session, each client is emailed a summary of their workout with their max heart rate, calories burned, and time spent in the five heart-rate zones. Clients can also log in online and review their past workouts and evaluate their improvement. This information, along with our diet and nutrition plans and our customized workout, are guaranteed to get results.

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In 2003, Cathy Bates founded Practical Solutions to help busy people make better use of their surroundings and their time. Today, her consultants meet with clients to get rid of clutter, develop an organizational system, and reduce stress.

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