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DIY Ideas

Jul 3, 2014
DIY IdeasWith some simple supplies, you can make a hanging garden fit for a tiny apartment or a piñata no human can resist bashing to bits.
make your garden glam with these easy diy projects
Make Your Garden Glam with These Easy DIY Projects | Jessica Duff Cement mix, cupcake liners, and a little gold paint are virtually all you need to inject a little glamour into your green space.
garden 150c150
How to Make an Indoor Hanging Garden for Your Apartment | Jessica Duff Good news, apartment dwellers: all it takes to make this garden are a few tools, some tin cans and chain, and plants—no backyard required.
steal these easy decorating ideas for your summer barbecue pinwheels 600c390
Steal These Easy Decorating Ideas for Your Barbecue | Shannon Grilli Floating candles, a ring-toss game made with empty iced-coffee bottles, and other summer craft ideas even beginners can handle, no sweat.
pinata 150c150
This Cinco de Mayo Piñata Will Literally Drive Your Guests Insane | Jessica Duff Use cardboard, crepe paper, and glue to make a cactus piñata that’s so cute, your party guests will be forced to beat the living daylights out of it.
bookend 150c150
How to Make Vinyl-Record Bookends Without Burning Your Delicate Craft Hands | Jessica Duff It takes a half-hour, a few household supplies, and basically zero skill. Just watch that boiling water.
coal 150c150
Stitch Together This Coal Plush Ornament for the Naughty People on Your Gift List | Shannon Grilli “Craft Wars” winner Steff Bomb shares a simple holiday craft she calls “the nicest way to tell someone you hate them.”
koozie 150c150
Sew Your Own Beer Koozie | Dani Malloy Watch the game in style with a custom koozie. All you need is fabric, insulating liner material, a button, and an elastic hair tie.
revamp old shoes 150c150
Crafty Ways to Revamp Old Shoes | Amelia Buzzell Upcycle a tired pair of shoes with everything from polka dots to comic strips.
lip balms 150c150
Cooking Up Vegan Lip Balm with Nathan Morin | Andrea Marchiano The founder of North Coast Organics shows us how to make a vegan lip balm for summertime wear.