50% Off European Facials with Brow Waxes and Hand Massages

Tish and Buni Hair and Body Experience-Tish

Downtown Cambridge(9.6 miles)

C$70 C$35

Givenchy Very Irresistible for Women Set (2-Piece)

C$89 C$47.99

80% Off a Skin-Cleansing Brush

Spin for Perfect Skin

C$100 C$19.99

40% Off an Online Fashion-Design Course

Youth Digital

$249 $149.99

60% Off Eyelash Extensions at Lash Longer

Lash Longer

Pioneer Park(3.6 miles)

C$220 C$89

61% Off Image Consultation

Silhouette Image Consulting

Preston Centre(6.3 miles)

C$125 C$49

Everyday Youth Mineral-Infused Finishing Powder (1- or 2-Pack)

C$29 C$7.99

Up to 52% Off Brazilian Waxes

Jen at Ku'r Salon and Spa

Ku'r Salon and Spa(4.4 miles)

$47 $25

Up to 81% Off Six Laser Hair-Removal Sessions

Euro Reflections

Euro Reflections(1.5 miles)

C$300 C$169

Up to 52% Off Mani-Pedis at Jacob's Salons...plus

Jacob's Salons...plus

King East(0.8 miles)

C$81 C$39

47% Off Haircut at Ku'r Salon and Spa

Ku'r Salon and Spa

Ku'r Salon and Spa(4.4 miles)

$55 $29

Up to 60% Off Eyelash Extensions

Your Beauty by Robin

Your Beauty by Robin(2.1 miles)

C$220 C$89

2-Pack of Stop Snoring Mouth Guards

C$39.99 C$16.99

Up to 46% Off Eyelash Extensions

Jamie at Ku'r Salon and Spa

Ku'r Salon and Spa(4.4 miles)

$160 $89

Up to 79% Off Laser Hair Removal

LCI Lasercom Clinics

Forest Heights(2.7 miles)

C$600 C$179 Today Only!

Versace Eros Eau de Toilette for Men

C$78 C$59.99

Up to 71% Off Microdermabrasion

HealthMedica Canada

Kitchener(2.1 miles)

C$100 C$29

Up to 69% Off

Makeup Services

Kitchener(2.8 miles)

$140 $45

Up to 58% Off at Details Garden Spa

Details Garden Spa

Woodstock(25.3 miles)

C$55 C$25

Up to 55% Off Haircut Packages

Your Place Salon and Spa

Greenway-Chaplin(9.8 miles)

C$35 C$19

Oval Makeup Brush Set (10-Piece)

C$355 C$29.99

Up to 67% Off Microdermabrasion

LCI Lasercom Clinics

Forest Heights(2.7 miles)

C$100 C$49

65% Off Oxygen-Hydrating Facials at HealthMedica Canada

HealthMedica Canada

Kitchener(2.1 miles)

C$150 C$59

Up to 66% Off Mobile Mani-Pedis from Eirenne Spa

Eirenne Spa

Kitchener - Waterloo

C$85 C$29

Up to 59% Off Photofacials at HealthMedica

HealthMedica Canada

Kitchener(2.1 miles)

C$120 C$59

92% Off Online Makeup Artistry Course


$229 $19

Bodhi Exfoliating Salt or Sugar Body Scrubs

C$70 C$29.99

Bodhi Shower Gel

C$50 C$24.99

10-Color Eyeshadow Palette

C$89.90 C$15.99

Jean-Paul Gaultier Ma Dame Eau de Parfum (2.5 Fl. Oz.)

C$62 C$44.99

Aesthetica Contour Series Contour Collection (4-Piece)

C$129 C$99.99

Nars Eye Shadow

C$25 C$16.99

Magno Turbo 1.25" Flat Iron

C$350 C$129.99

Bodhi Herbal Spa Cosmetics Shampoo; 6.8 Fl. Oz.

C$40 C$24.99

Argan Tourmaline Anti-Frizz Thermal Brush

C$189 C$79.99

BlemishX Four-Piece Blemish Extractor Set

C$49 C$11.99

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