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  •'s three movie-distribution methods, by mail, kiosk, and streaming, bring flickering movies into viewers' homes without the hassles of traditional movie rental, the cost of purchasing films to watch, or the inaccuracy of friends reenacting blockbusters with cardboard props. Mail subscribers digitally thumb through's website, selecting titles from more than 82,000 movie and television choices that arrive in mailboxes within a few days. Watched films may be mailed back to, which sends the next flick on the subscriber's list once a movie is returned. A trip to a nearby movie station lets kiosk users choose from up to 1,000 new, recently released, and classic titles, as well as Blu-ray copies of popular films, all available for rental with an easy selection process and the swipe of a credit card. Those who refuse to leave their house until the earth is in HD may enroll in's streaming plan, whose ever-growing selection of titles may be streamed to one's computer, television, or gaming system.
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    851 Ficher-Hallman Rd
    Kitchener, ON CA
  • Sketchley Cleaners
    Locally owned and operated since 1992, Sketchley Cleaners endeavours to enhance appearances and strengthen the fibres of customers throughout Kitchener and Waterloo. The specialists employ a progressive selection of laundering techniques ($2.50+) that include folding and starching shirts and hand-scrubbing collars and cuffs. Using gentle machine cycles and waterless solvents, staffers work to purify pants ($7.35+) and dresses ($12.10+); hand-pressing services pamper two-piece suits ($15.25+), eliminating wrinkles and evidence of lunch-hour snorkelling sessions. Depending on the services requested, clients pick up clothing items within 1?3 days of dropping them off. Sketchley?s King Street East location in Kitchener and Bridgeport Road and Weber Avenue locations in Waterloo also offer on-site tailoring, making it possible to finally stitch a favorite shirt-and-pant combo into a unitard.
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    645 Westmount Road East
    Kitchener, ON CA
  • Food Naturally
    Registered holistic nutritionist Dana Rourke helps her clients transition into healthier lifestyles through methods that include prepared meals, coaching, and detox cleanses. She focuses on plant-based diets that improve whole-body health, leaving problematic components such as gluten, dairy, and sugar out of the picture. Her prepared meals, which are at least 85% organic and packaged in biodegradable containers, make healthier habits more convenient. People suffering from digestive issues, high blood pressure, or food sensitivities can quell their symptoms while noshing on stews, salads, and other seasonal entrees. Rourke also leads group cooking classes that focus on carbs, smarter grocery shopping, and how to overhaul everyday diets. Clients seeking a more individualized journey can take advantage of her nutritional coaching or seven-day cleanses designed to flush the body of toxins and dried-up love letters.
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    49 Alberta St.
    Waterloo, ON CA

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