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53% Off Myofascial-Release Therapy

Athletica Center of Excellence

Athletica Center of Excellence(15.3 miles)

John Barnes–trained specialists use myofascial release techniques to loosen obstructions in the body, relieve pain, and increase mobility

$95 $45

48% Off Flotation Therapy

Aqua Therapy Clinics

Aqua Therapy Clinics(20.9 miles)

Clients relax their minds and their bodies for an hour as they float effortlessly in a heated sensory-deprivation pod

$79 $41

92% Off a Testosterone and PSA Test


Multiple Locations(15.7 miles)

Tests screen for prostate cancer and determine testosterone levels

$226 $19

Up to 88% Off Varicose- & Spider-Vein Removal

Bellagio Medical Spa and Vein Clinic

Multiple Locations(2.2 miles)

Sclerotherapy collapses veins with a saline-based solution, and spider-vein treatments use lasers to cut off veins from their blood source

$299 $73

55% Off Hearing-Aid Batteries

Advanced Hearing Group

Multiple Locations(8.4 miles)

Fuel your hearing device with a stock of 60 Rayovac mercury-free batteries

$40 $18

79% Off Weight-Loss Injections

FIT Medical Weight Loss

Multiple Locations(22.1 miles)

Injections of B vitamins and lipotropic amino acids help dieters to reach weight-loss goals with boosts of energy

$150 $32

Up to 93% Off Laser Tattoo Removal

Bellagio Medical Spa and Vein Clinic

Bellagio Medical Spa and Vein Clinic(2.2 miles)

A variety of non-ablative Nd:YAG lasers from MedLite diminishes unwanted inks without downtime or discomfort

$960 $94

Up to 73% Off Weight-Loss Programs

AZ Medical Weight Control

AZ Medical Weight Control Phoenix(7.2 miles)

A medical team customizes a weight-loss program that includes vitamin B12 injections, appetite suppressants, and weekly follow-ups

$108 $35

81% Off Testosterone and Prostate Screening

BravaMD Balanced Hormone Clinics

LunchTime LiftMD(13.5 miles)

Tests check men for low testosterone levels as well as provide a prostate screening, which checks for cancer

$99 $19

Up to 51% Off Low-Level Light Therapy

Ignite Physical Therapy

Ignite Physical Therapy(23.5 miles)

System uses penetrating, low-level light to ease pain and stimulate the repair of damaged tissue

$39 $19

Up to 51% Off a Blood Test or Lipid Panel

Ulta Lab Tests

Get an idea of your wellness status by receiving results from a general-health blood test and a cholesterol-measuring lipid panel

$99 $49

Up to 86% Off Laser Tattoo Removal at Advanced Laser Clinics

Advanced Laser Clinics

Advanced Laser Clinics(14.8 miles)

Tattoos gradually fade under the light of a Fotona QX MAX Q-switched laser

$300 $52

Up to 84% Off Laser Tattoo-Removal

Clean Slate

Clean Slate(8.9 miles)

Using the MedLite C6 laser, aestheticians break apart tattoos into tiny particles that the body then naturally absorbs

$588 $94

Up to 80% Off Laser Hair Removal at Luminescence Aesthetic Medicine

Luminescence Aesthetic Medicine

Luminescence(12.5 miles)

The physician-led med-spa staff removes unwanted hair across the body using a GentleLase laser

$2,100 $424

Up to 79% Off B12 with MIC Injections

Vida Bella Weight Loss Center

Glendale(15.7 miles)

Injections of vitamin B12 and methione, inositol, choline, and amino acids support weight-loss efforts

$81 $25

Up to 95% Off Ultrasonic Cavitation

Body By Kim

Scottsdale(8.9 miles)

Ultrasonic cavitation works to shrink fat cells, which are disposed of naturally by the body; $50 credit toward future services included

$1,180 $104

Up to 77% Off Vitamin B Shots

Healing Palms

Phoenix(4.2 miles)

Mixture of B6 and B12 vitamins boost red blood cell production, increase energy, and suppress appetites

$150 $37

Up to 83% Off Weight-Loss Injections

Naturopathic Essentials

Naturopathic Essentials(14.2 miles)

Injections work to boost metabolism, kick-start fat-burning processes, and improve mental function

$195 $34

67% Off Brainwave Assessment or Neuro-massage


Multiple Locations(14.0 miles)

Brainwave assessments help find misfires in the brain, an aid to clients to root out problems like anxiety; neuro-massages relax the brain

$300 $99

Up to 71% Off Hydration Intravenous-Drip Treatments

Vitality Natural Health Care

Naturopathic Vitality Wellness Center(13.0 miles)

As a sodium-chloride electrolyte solution enters the bloodstream, it alleviates symptoms of dehydration and encourages healing

$145 $52

Up to 67% Off PicoSure Tattoo Removal

Phoenix Skin Medical Surgical Group

Phoenix Skin Medical Surgical Group(4.3 miles)

Staff use FDA-approved PicoSure laser to erase all tattoo pigments, including black & hard-to-remove colors green, blue, orange & yellow

$120 $40 Sale Ends 5/7

68% Off Anti-Aging Facial

Younger You Clinique

Younger You Clinique(15.1 miles)

Lumilift treatment employs microcurrents to lift and tone neck and facial muscles and LEDs stimulates collagen production

$215 $69

60% Off Nonsurgical Face-Lift Sessions

Skin Sultry

Skin Sultry(7.3 miles)

Sessions combine radio-frequency tripolar skin-tightening treatments with microcurrent face-lifts to nonsurgically lift and firm faces

$460 $183

Up to 91% Off Fat-Burning Injections at Aletris Center

Aletris Center

Aletris Center(12.8 miles)

Vitamin-B12 or Lipodissolve injections help burn up stores of fat to slim down trouble areas

$200 $33 Sale Ends 5/7