Life in a big city like Phoenix often feels hectic and fast paced. With dozens of different suburbs, including Mesa, bordering the city limits, locals have dozens of places to unwind after a busy day. Whether it's a pedicure, facial, full-body massage or simple haircut, anyone can find a Phoenix day spa that offers these treatments and many more.

Some of the best beauticians and stylists call Phoenix home. Prova Spa is a top location in the city because the stylists form relationships with their clients. From the moment that customers walk in the door, they feel like they are coming home. This salon also gives customers the option of choosing a specific beauty package. With treatments like manicures, pedicures and waxing, customers can easily get all of their needs met in one visit.

The organic movement found its way to Phoenix, leading to beauty salons like the Honeycomb Organic Hair Studio. All of the treatments and products offered here use organic and natural ingredients. Many of those products are available for sale for those who want to get the same look at home.

While Phoenix has sunny days all year, many residents find that they cannot get a golden tan because of work commitments, personal obligations and other issues. There are several tanning salons that have tanning booths for those interested in getting a gorgeous tan. Tangible Tanning & Fitness is a one-stop fitness shop with personal trainers on staff, exercise equipment and tanning booths. The shop makes it easy for locals to get in shape and get a tan. While it doesn't offer exercise equipment, Naked Beauty does give locals the look of a phenomenal tan with spray tan equipment. In just one session, anyone can go from pale and dowdy to golden and tan.

Whether it's a golden tan, a facial or a simple haircut, locals can find everything they need at a Phoenix day spa.

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