Phoenix yoga studios offer classes and mentorship in both traditional and modern yoga styles. Many studios also provide additional instruction or amenities not found in yoga studios outside of the Phoenix area. These amenities include dance classes, art exhibits and supply sales designed to ensure that patrons get the most out of their yoga experiences.

Traditional yoga instruction includes meditation on the principles and discipline of the form. Yoga Pura provides yoga classes in Phoenix that focus on the philosophies and aspects of yoga that are often glossed over in workout classes or similar environments. Peaceful Roots provides similar all-encompassing instruction in a smaller, more intimate setting. Those looking for a more modern take on the art should check out Metta Yoga. At Metta Yoga, classes range from beginner introduction sessions to more advanced and modern techniques designed to target specific muscle groups. Second Heart Yoga offers similar classes led by friendly instructors with a one-on-one focus.

Less traditional options found in Phoenix yoga studios include the dance theatre classes found at In the RA Fitness. In the RA focuses on the movement techniques of yoga and incorporates them with dance styles popular throughout the world. Desert Song Yoga and Massage offers deep-tissue massage that helps alleviate the muscle stress created by intensive yoga practice. SuTRA Midtown takes this one step further, offering yoga, massage and enlightening art exhibits all in the same studio.

Beginners looking to start the practice of yoga should stop in at Urban Yoga. This Phoenix studio offers more than just classes. Books, yoga mats and other materials available for sale allow new practitioners to get into the art with minimal supervision. Even die-hard yoga aficionados can find something to challenge their routine or provide further insight to the art on the bookshelves of the studio.

Yoga is a major part of exercise culture in the city. Phoenix yoga studios strive to provide the highest level of instruction and enlightenment within their specific styles while meeting the specific needs of their patrons at every turn.

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