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Self Defense Expandable Baton with Foam or Rubber Handle and Sheath

Verified Purchaser
May 13, 2019
Baton is just as stated, but I selected a rubber grip and they sent me a foam instead. Over all its solid and works well. Was a little difficult to go back in, had to use concrete walk way to get it back in the closed position, the more you work it the easier it get though.

ZAP DAZZLE 950,000-Volt Stun Gun with Flashlight

Verified Purchaser
March 9, 2019
Love this thing! Use it just to make noise to keep stray dogs away while jogging. Don’t actually touch the dogs with it just make noise.

3,000,000-Volt Self-Defense Stun Gun LED Flashlight

Verified Purchaser
May 3, 2019
Seems really cool and powerful, but don't really know until I have to use it on someone. I hope it bites as well as it looks and sounds like it will.

Ahh-Larm Self Defense Super-Loud Personal Alarm With LED Light

Verified Purchaser
February 1, 2019
It’s a cute keychain, I’d like it more if the heart were smaller and the alarm was louder. It works well, it’s just bulky.

Diversion Cans (Multiple Options Available)

Verified Purchaser
May 8, 2019
Love it! Made from a real can and also rattles like there are some broken chips inside.