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Cacharel Noa Eau de Toilette for Women (1.0, 1.7, or 3.4 Fl. Oz.)

Verified Purchaser
November 5, 2019
I had that perfume a long time ago, and now I just loved to buy it again, it is very softly, little sweet, very charming!

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Soiree 1.7 EDP for Women

Verified Purchaser
July 31, 2020
This was my first purchase at Groupon and I was admittedly nervous about buying the full size perfume online. However, I was really surprised when everything turned out well and the perfume smells just like I remember it. It is undoubtably the real deal. I will definitely be purchasing more perfumes this way.

Viva La Juicy Gold Couture Eau de Parfum for Women (3.4 Fl. Oz.)

Verified Purchaser
July 28, 2020
Amazing fragrance!! Light vanilla tones to me! I absolutely love it

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy 3.4 OZ / 6.7 OZ EDP For Women

Verified Purchaser
May 8, 2020
Product smells the same but the bottle looks a little iffy. Also it took forever to get here.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Rose Eau de Parfum for Women (1.7 Fl. Oz.)

Verified Purchaser
July 31, 2020
It smells so amazing! Bottle is gorgeous and comes with a small charm!

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Like taking that first sip of coffee in the morning, spritzing yourself with perfume starts the day off right. But if you’ve yet to discover your signature scent, all those glittering bottles at the department store might be a bit overwhelming: how do you home in on the scent notes you like? Luckily, there’s a trick (and a beginner’s guide). Think of fragrance as an olfactory version of your wardrobe, and shop Groupon for a new or classic perfume that already fits your style.

If You’re...A Minimalist

If you’re drawn to minimalist silhouettes of the kind seen on ‘60s waifs like Audrey Hepburn or Jean Seberg, embrace the no-frills aesthetic with a women’s fragrance that’s similarly subtle. Look for a simple composition or even go for a unisex scent, which isn’t likely to overwhelm. Demeter perfumes, many named for the main fragrance note, are a great place to start. (To complete the minimalist effect, here’s how to apply perfume without overdoing it.)

If You’re...A Romantic

If you like classically feminine shapes and colors, play up your look with a floral perfume: it’s like the sophisticated older sister of a fruity or sweet fragrance. Many Chanel perfumes and Marc Jacobs perfumes have practically become synonymous with romantic florals. Just look for scents that balance the bouquet with orientals (patchouli, vanilla) or greens (juniper, sage).

If You’re...Outdoorsy

If you’re likely to be found soaking up the outdoors on the weekend and have the lived-in tees and flannels to prove it, take your cues from the earth itself. Perfumes built around green notes or aquatics that evoke Mother Nature include Davidoff’s famous Cool Water perfume and the Bond No. 9 perfumes inspired by New York City’s outdoor spaces.