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WARMIES Cozy Plush Heatable Lavender Scented Stuffed Animal

Verified Purchaser
July 14, 2019
Ordered this as an emergency replacement for my son’s froggy. It was exactly what I wanted, but a mini version. I thought it would be bigger, but I’m still satisfied. This will be his car froggy ☺️.

Naked Nude Professional Eyeshadow Palette

Verified Purchaser
July 15, 2019
I love this palette. I only wear make-up for a natural look. I don't like to look all made up make-up and this palette is perfect.

RapidBrow Brow-Enhancing Serum with RapidEye Wrinkle Cream

Verified Purchaser
April 28, 2019
Slow and steady, 1 month later and my scar is covered and hair a bit darker, I’ve missed a couple days but I’m happy thus far. Worth the money

Home Teeth Whitening 3D System and Free Remineralization Gel

Verified Purchaser
July 14, 2019
My husband and I did our first treatment yesterday and already see slight results this morning. Can’t wait to try again tonight!

Fino Uomo Men's Light Herringbone Classic Fit Suits (3-Piece)

Verified Purchaser
June 10, 2019
Good quality for price! Good fit and speedy delivery. The only thing is that right after I bought the suit, Groupon sent me a much better price offer for the same suit.

New Office Supplies and School Essentials Every Day on Groupon

Whether you’re an office worker or still a student, Groupon’s stock of office supplies will keep you ready for any looming blizzard of paperwork. Supplement your workplace electronics with all the paper and stationery, pens, pencils, and school supplies you need to survive your classes or workweek.

For Students

If you don’t have pens and pencils to write with, notebooks for scribbling, and white-out to cover your misspellings, you’re in for a tough semester. Find all the school essentials on your college checklist with Groupon’s sprawling selection of school supplies.

For Workers

Printers, scanners, and shredders are the backbone of a modern office, and all-in-one printers can save you the trouble of tracking down one of each. Feed these thirsty machines with printer ink and toner. When you’ve got everything printed out, use carts and other organization aids to make each file easy to find again. Then sink back into a supportive chair, the linchpin of any home office’s furniture.

For Everybody

Even when you don’t have your nose in a textbook or a presentation, it pays to be prepared. Custom stamps and envelopes, for example, make packing and mailing announcements less of a chore, as do tools and equipment like landline phones, three-hole punchers, and adapters.