Bridgeport is like a large city trapped in a small town because it's not as large as other big cities, and it has the friendly atmosphere of a small town. Local attractions appropriate for families, live entertainment and historical museums are just a few of the important local sites that a Bridgeport guide should mention.

The sounds of wild animals echo through the sky at the Beardsley Zoo. As the only zoo operated and maintained by the State of Connecticut, it usually makes an appearance in a guide to Bridgeport. Since it's just a few minutes from the downtown area, locals can spend a few hours at the zoo before shopping or eating at one of the area's restaurants. Fans of the television show "The Sopranos" can walk around the park, checking out the areas where the show filmed a few memorable scenes.

Though it doesn't have any wild animals, one of the most interesting things to do in Bridgeport is visiting the Barnum Museum. P.T. Barnum revolutionized the circus industry, creating attractions that some companies still use today. The Barnum Museum offers a glimpse at this fascinating man through videos, photos, clothing and mementos from his career.

With live acts and musicals performed throughout the year, the Downtown Cabaret Theater is appropriate for first dates, special occasions and even a night out with the family. It's one of the best Bridgeport things to do because the shows change so frequently. Several months of the year, it devotes weekend afternoons to family-friendly shows, including age-appropriate shows, singalongs and other events for kids. Seaside Park is one of the best Bridgeport deals, because the park has free admission. Park guests have access to musical concerts, festivals, walking and hiking trails, a sandy beach and hundreds of other attractions and activities.

Whether it's spending time outside in the sunshine or enjoying an air-conditioned museum, a Bridgeport guide ensures that locals find the best attractions in their hometown.

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