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Affordable Car Detailing in Calgary

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Calgary has bright sunshine for much of the year, but it also hosts some harsh winters that give your car a real challenge – all the more reason to invest in car detailing and get the best look and protection for your paintwork and surfaces. Check out our car detailing deals and reserve today.


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Calgary Car Detailing Reviews

They did such an amazing job on my SUV and getting the carpets shampooed was so worth it. My only regret is not bringing my car to them sooner…

YYC Detail

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Service was quick and easy! Looking forward to letting Auto King clean my car in the future.

Auto King Detailing

They made my old truck new again. Very beautiful job, very happy with the job done. Highly recommended. Thank you Invictus Auto Centre.

Invictus Auto Centre


Car Detailing Deals in Calgary: Frequently Asked Questions

From the price of car detailing in Calgary to the best places to get it done – we've answered some of the top questions to make sure you feel confident when reserving car detailing deals in the city. Check out the Groupon Manual if you require more information.

How much is car detailing in Calgary?

The price of car detailing varies, but a full interior treatment could cost anywhere from $150 to $250.

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If you want complete detailing – both interior and exterior – the total cost could come to over $350. Remember that many factors can affect the price, such as size of vehicle, the auto repair shop rates and the work required. However, our car detailing discounts can help.

Is car detailing worth it?

Car detailing is a great way to clear away the road salt left over from the winter and keep your car looking clean and fresh in the brighter months.

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Driving through different terrains (and different seasons), your car's surface will be subjected to mud, grit, rain and snow – among many other things. Over time this can damage your vehicle's paint job, bodywork and tires. Having it detailed, maintained and repaired regularly can help it retain its shine and make it look as good as new – long after it's left the showroom.

What's included in auto detailing?

Car detailing can leave your vehicle looking as good as new. As a basic service, you can expect a wash and wax, vacuuming and surface clean.

Your car can look forward to having:

  • An engine bay shampoo
  • Paint decontamination
  • Hot wax
  • Window polish
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There are a range of garages specializing in auto detailing in Calgary and they will each offer their own packages to ensure your vehicle leaves looking fresh. For example:

  • At The Wax Shop, the service includes a pressure wash, hand wash and hand dry on your car's exterior, plus an interior vacuum and wipe-down.
  • At The Car Studio, you'll get interior vacuuming and a comprehensive window clean inside and out.

How often should you detail your car?

Experts recommend you have your car detailed two to three times a year, or every three to six months. By having your car detailed regularly, you can protect it and get it ready for the next season ahead.

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Your car will face many different elements and will battle through them come rain or shine. Having it detailed after winter and before spring will give it a fresh new look for a new season and allow it to face the elements, avoiding rusting and other problems along the way.

With our Calgary car detailing coupons available, there's no reason not to check in more regularly.


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