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  • Victor CrossFit
    Victor CrossFit's workouts are scalable to every age and fitness level. If you can't do a pull-up, no problem. VCF's coaches will cheer you on while you grab a platform and do negative pull-ups starting from the bar. If you can't do negative pull-ups, they'll scale you back to static hangs or body-weight rows using Olympic rings. They're happy to do it, because they know sooner or later, you'll build to a full pull-up. And once you do that, they can teach you advanced variations, such as kipped pull-ups. The staff helps launch fitness journeys in Victor CrossFit's small-group WOD—Workout of the Day—classes. It begins with the On Ramp program, where coaches teach the proper form of foundational exercises such as Russian-kettlebell swings and Olympic lifts. Once clients have demonstrated adequate preparedness, coaches let them enter the WOD workouts, which change each day and emphasize functional movements to develop all-over conditioning. Throughout every workout, the staff fosters camaraderie and inclusiveness through ongoing support. They also encourage participants to motivate one another and affectionately refer to them as ninjas. VCF's trainers can also support clients beyond the gym by advising them on paleo dieting, which emphasizes nuts and seeds, little starch, and only the freshest brontosaurus eggs.
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    6548 Anthony Drive
    Victor, NY US
  • Yoga with Shaina
    Vinyasa. Iyengar. Ashtanga. Grow & Go Yoga's instructors have experience studying and teaching many styles of yoga, and thus are better able to create an environment where students of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds can further their practice. The studio's inclusive spirit is apparent throughout its schedule. Foundations classes introduce beginners to fundamental asanas and breathing exercises while fostering greater self-awareness of physical alignment and mental focus. During open-level sessions, the instructors readily suggest postural modifications, allowing individuals to challenge themselves at their own pace.
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    505 West Main Street
    Palmyra, NY US
  • Grounded by Yoga
    Students' minds and bodies are equally important at Grounded By Yoga, where a wide variety of classes help strengthen muscles while fostering a peaceful, balanced state of being. Novices and advanced practitioners find comfortable niches in the studio's repertoire, which includes classes and holistic workshops ranging from prenatal yoga to tai chi and meditation classes. Instructors strive to help students develop a well-rounded yoga practice, combining and balancing postures and breathing as well as concentration and meditation.
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    4 East Main Street
    Bloomfield, NY US

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