Restaurants in Rochester

Who’s hungry? In Rochester, restaurants can satisfy all cravings: authentic gyros, fresh sushi, and classic tavern burgers, just to name a few. So take some suggestions from us for some of our favorite restaurants in Rochester, NY.

Best Restaurants in Rochester, NY

Ludwig's Center Stage Cafe

Ludwig’s serves up classic diner fare for breakfast and lunch, such as fluffy pancakes and deli sandwiches, and a daily house-made quiche. When it’s nice outside, take your seat on the patio. And its location across the street from the Eastman Theatre makes it a great option for before one of the afternoon shows.



It’s not just through the blue-and-white color scheme that Kainos immerses guests into Greek conviviality. Classic dishes such as chicken souvlaki and rich lasagna-like pastitsio fill the room with fragrant aromas of Greek cuisine, alongside mediterranean-style seafood dishes, like whole grilled sea bass and mussels over rice.


Castaways | Webster

On two-tiered lakeside decks overlooking the shores of Lake Ontario, diners enjoy the setting sun while perched at tables crowded with plates of seafood and seared steaks. Since 1906, this has been a shorefront destination for diners seeking everything from fresh seafood to specialty Cajun-rubbed prime rib. The dining room is decorated with nautical-themed memorabilia, including a framed etching of a tall ship hanging over the long wooden bar. Diners can enjoy their meal out on the heated, two-tier patio or indoors while being warmed by the fireplace.

Charlotte Tavern


For more than 40 years in operation by three generations of the same family, Charlotte Tavern has remained committed to the traditional tavern’s timeless spirit—as evidenced by the plaid wallpaper, wood paneling, and black and white family photographs on the wall. And the menu, while classic, is far from predictable. One-pound burgers, shepherd’s pie, and beer-battered fish round out the comfort food menu, while surprises such as duck with a homemade black-cherry-bourbon sauce are also available.


What People Are Saying About Charlotte Tavern

“Emily the bartender was fantastic! She was also our waitress. She made suggestions on what we should have off the menu and was a lot of fun.” – Julianne D.


“Had an awesome dinner last night at the Tavern! Just love the character, delicious food, and staff! I so enjoy their pasta and seafood dishes, and husband raves about the veal french!” – Laurie G.


“I ordered the shrimp french (and artichokes), and my boyfriend ordered chicken french (and artichokes), and both were so yummy and a great amount of food!! Definitely recommend.” – Rebecca W.

“Excellent! Olivia is a gracious host, and the food is fresh, tasty and generously proportioned. I'm a frequent customer.” – Suzanne F.


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Head chef Mark Teng reimagines Asian comfort food in an intimate, friendly space. Diners head to the bar for cocktails, warm their bellies with fragrant bowls of pork-bone and kimchi ramen, or indulge in satisfying steamed bun sandwiches.


What people are saying about Furoshiki

“Great lettuce wraps . . . excellent service” – Michelle G.


“Too many wonderful choices! Ended up ordering another entrée to take home. The food was delicious. The dumpling and chicken wraps were great appetizers to share. Udon noodles . . . perfect texture. And our server guided us through the menu based on our preferences. Wonderful total experience.” – Stu L.


“Every time we go, Furoshiki is consistently outstanding. Service is impeccable, and the food is delicious. Steak hibachi and chicken ramen are my go-tos, and the tempura green beans, garlic broccoli, steamed buns, and pork dumplings are to die for!” – Erin C.

“Went for lunch. Friendly, helpful, attentive service. The food was incredible. The fried tofu bites were light, not greasy, and the dipping sauce had just the right amount of heat. The chicken lettuce wraps are a must-try. Can't wait to go back!” – Krista T.

A Tamale: The Basics


According to Chicago chef Jorge Miranda, tamales used to be much easier to find. So if you need to know what is wrapped in that corn husk, here are the basics.


What is a tamale?

Put most simply, every tamale has these three components:


  • Masa: Dough made from ground corn, then moistened with fat—usually lard or vegetable shortening.
  • Filing: Typically marinated pork or chicken, also beans, veggies, or cheese.
  • Wrapper: Corn husks to keep it all together.



How are tamales made?

Tamales are truly a labor of love, as they take some time-intensive steps:

  1. Wash and soak corn husks.
  2. Coat the husks with the masa.
  3. Add a layer of filling.
  4. Roll the husk tightly into a cylinder, like an egg roll—this takes the most skill.
  5. Steam them.


How do you eat tamales?

The inexperienced diner might be intimidated, but should be assured that the magic comes in the ritual of eating these morsels:

  1. Carefully unwrap the husk by hand and discard it.
  2. Top the tamale with salsa.
  3. Use a fork to eat it—or your fingers, if you’re daring.

Plum House

In a dining room adorned with suspended paper lamps and tableside foliage, the culinary focus is carefully crafted Japanese fare. The sushi chefs fashion white tuna, snow crab, and fatty salmon into specialty rolls with names such as Blossom and Tarantula. Other traditional dishes include salmon teriyaki and generous bento boxes.


What people are saying about Plum House

“It was excellent! We went around dinner time (7:30), and our meals came out very fast. The Yummy Yummy Roll was probably my favorite. I actually bought a second Groupon for this place right after because I figured I'd end up going again soon. We had some hot sake before our meals and it definitely kickstarted the appetite, haha. Try it out!” – Michael S.


“I've never been to the Plum House before and I really liked it. Food was great and staff very friendly and attentive. Would go again!” – Amy F.

“LOVED THE ROC CITY ROLL AND THE BLOSSOM ROLL! Will return for more!!!!”  – Gabrielle B.

James Brown’s Place

James Brown chucked his career as a traveling salesman to follow his passion for cooking. And that passion shines through his menu, not just in the hearty breakfast selections, such as stuffed french toast or the Greek-inspired diner breakfast with gyro meat. His range also shows in the the half-pound burgers, po-boy sandwiches with Cajun-spiced chicken, and James Brown's legendary Friday-night barbecue. In fact, James is so inspired by his diners that if one gives him a recipe he likes, he’ll add it to the menu—and name it after the guest who gave it to him.


What people are saying about Plum House

“James Brown’s Place is a family friendly restaurant and the food was the best. I will definitely visit again.” – Jill H.


“The food is very good and the menu covers just about any craving. The portions are huge and the atmosphere is very cozy. I cannot wait to go back!!” – Deanna M.


“The food is outstanding with a wide assortment of different items on the menu... My favorite is the "Legend" Enchilada . . . The waitress is extremely personable, knowledgeable, and always makes you feel welcome. It's just an excellent value all around . . .”  – Dale O.

“A wonderful local experience with a fabulous breakfast fixed with fresh ingredients (fresh not canned mushrooms in omelettes for instance). Nothing pretentious about this place. A huge menu of options . . . Small, counter and booths/tables. Crowded on weekends. Love it!!” – P.A.


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