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  • Fit Body Boot Camp CA
    Fit Body Boot Camp instructors guide clients toward their fitness and weight-loss goals at locations throughout the world. They lead group workouts that integrate cardio exercise with resistance training and weight training, keeping sessions varied in order to avoid disheartening plateaus. Nutritional guidance supplements tailored fitness programs to ensure that clients are properly fueled to lose, gain, or maintain their weight.
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    22382 Homestead Road
    Cupertino, CA US
  • Fit Body Boot Camp Los Altos
    At locations throughout the world, 2B Fit Body Bootcamp's instructors share a common mission: to guide clients toward their fitness and weight-loss goals through regimented training programs. Trainers lead group workouts that integrate cardio with resistance training, strength training. They design the workouts to be time efficient and varied, avoiding workout plateaus that may leave clients uninspired. In addition to motivating clients to work their bodies, trainers also empower them with healthy eating guidelines.
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    22382 Homestead Rd.
    Cupertino, CA US
  • UFC Gym
    It's no secret that the UFC boasts some of the best athletes in the world. So it was only natural for the brand to expand into UFC Gym, a network of training centers that includes more than 100 locations across the country. Of course, the class schedule is rooted in mixed martial arts and strength training. Functional fitness is also a huge aspect, with Daily Ultimate Training workouts (DUTs) that keep the body challenged with changing combinations of cardio, anaerobic, and agility exercises.? With that said, UFC Gyms are not just for those interested in MMA. Its encyclopedic selection of classes includes Barre Interval to U Jam Fitness, Zumba, and Yoga Cycle, with plenty of classes for kids, as well. Personal-training sessions take place with certified UFC Gym coaches, who can both design workouts and give advice about nutrition, supplements, and which library books are heavy enough to build muscle while you read.
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    733 S Wolfe Rd.
    Sunnyvale, CA US
  • Yoga Inside Out
    The desire to create connections informs nearly every detail of Yoga Inside Out. The sunlit studio, free of mirrors or other distractions, allows students the space to connect with themselves during their practice. The classes—in Power Vinyasa styles—welcome all experience levels, encouraging students to connect with each other as they soak up the energy of a beginner, or the know-how of an expert. During open studio time three mornings a week, instructors work to connect with their students as they work side-by-side to refine their practice.
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    10321 S De Anza Blvd
    Cupertino, CA US

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