Car Wash in East Hampton

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  • Green Clean Auto Wash
    Green Clean Auto Wash locations help drivers scrub their buggies clean with automatic or self-serve washes. With trigger-controlled pressure pumps and non-toxic solvents and products, they also look out for Mother Nature, using up to 80% less water and recycling the runoff.
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    1824 Todds Ln.
    Hampton, VA US
  • The Gift Auto Detailing Center
    For Robert Stokes Jr., making a vehicle shine like it did the day it left the assembly line isn't just a talent, but a family dedication passed on from generation to generation. His father first taught him the value of caring for an automobile, giving him the inspiration to open his own mobile auto-detailing service in 1995. Robert's down-to-earth approach to dealing with clients and his scrutinizing eye for detail helped his business grow into a full-service production with two physical locations. No vehicle is too big or too small for Robert’s crew at The Gift Auto Detailing Center; they have serviced everything from tiny coupes and honey-I-shrunk-the-station-wagons to speedboats and large storage trailers.
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    11840 Canon Blvd.
    Newport News, VA US
  • Irving's Detailing Salon
    Secure in the Town Center complex's concrete embrace, Irving's Detailing Salon waits to share the love with any car that drives within waxing range. Drivers can search for Waldo in the center's shops and restaurants while the salon's automotive aestheticians get to work, beginning with a gentle hand wash. Ready to race across this soapy foundation is a fleet of detailing services that leave no floor mat or lifeless bug unturned. When customers return with full shopping bags and bellies, their cars will be waiting?clean and shiny. Pickup and drop-off services are available within the Town Center's compounds. On weekends and holidays, Irving's crew offers mobile cleanings by appointment, traveling to your backyard or parking lot to scrub down boats and motorcycles or feed Jaguars a diet of hard wax shaped like unsuspecting antelope.
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    229 Town Center Dr.
    Virginia Beach, VA US
  • Freedom Wash
    Freedom Wash operates three car wash facilities around Virginia, two of which are open 24/7. That means you never have to compromise your schedule in order to use one of the company's automatic car wash tunnels, self-service bays, vacuums, and other dirt-expunging tools. But regardless of when you visit, the company's tiered car wash services will allow you to customize your car's bath to its needs, whether it could benefit from rust inhibitor and RainX treatments, or just needs a basic sudsing, followed by a spot-free rinse. And, in addition to fragrance and air machines and carpet shampoos, each location also features rug beaters, which customers can use to help rid interior floors of dirt, pet hair, and any chocolates the car has been hoarding.
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    1400 S Independence Blvd.
    Virginia Beach, VA US
  • Dirty Details
    Dirty Details’ technicians have brought Lamborghinis and Ferraris to a polished, reflective sheen. But whether they’re detailing an exotic ride or carpool-devastated SUV, they tackle road dirt and grime with equal aplomb, working their way from the wheels to the roof with rim polishes, carpet shampoos, and hand washes that employ pH-neutral soaps. The technicians also perform paint-correction treatments to revive finishes that have been scarred by rust, scratches, or razor burn, and they offer mobile services that cater to cars while their motorists work at the office or relax at home.
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    553 S Birdneck Rd
    Virginia Beach, VA US
  • Sparkle Clean Car Wash
    At Sparkle Clean, every car wash begins by soaking exteriors in warm suds and gently wiping away dirt and grime before a machine dry finishes the job. Upgrades can be added to any wash, from clear coat protectant to rust inhibitor and interior detailing. Sparkle Clean also has an express lane for anyone who just needs their automobile's exterior washed. During the cleaning, customers can either sit inside their vehicle or step outside for complimentary coffee.
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    285 U.S. 1
    Scarborough, ME US