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  • Forest Hills
    Baluchi's chefs sweep regional and classic Indian cuisines into a comprehensive menu of hearty meat, seafood, and vegetarian dishes. At the heart of the kitchen, a traditional tandoor oven works overtime to bake entrees, such as a whole red snapper or lamb chops, and fresh naan and paratha breads. Meanwhile, chefs simmer seafood curries in creamy coconut milk and top off feasts with scoops of housemade ice cream flavored with mango or pistachio. Though Baluchi's offers delivery, patrons who appear at the eatery treat their senses to a feast: clusters of colorful baubles cast light on shiny hardwood benches and a bar, backdropped by vibrant paintings.
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    113-30 Queens Boulevard
    Forest Hills, NY US
  • Brick Lane Curry House UES
    Diners can?t simply order the Phaal curry at Brick Lane Curry House. Instead, the staff requires patrons to repeat a verbal disclaimer, which absolves the restaurant of any liability for "physical or emotional damage" caused by the curry's 10 intensely incendiary ingredients?including the infamous ghost chili pepper. These fiery components make it the one of the spiciest curries in the world, according to Brick Lane Curry House's claims. Diners who can withstand the heat and finish the entire serving earn a free beer and a certificate commemorating their victory alongside strong-willed diners including Adam Richman, the host of Man vs. Food. Aside from this challenge, endurance is hardly required to enjoy a meal at Brick Lane. The curry shop takes its name from the London street famous for its Indian and Pakistani cuisine and the chefs forge a variety of British?influenced meals from regions throughout India. Beyond the Phaal, the menu features 10 other curries, which include everything from coconut and coriander to creamy, almond-based gravy and saffron. The chefs may not serve fish ?n? chips, but the tandoor-roasted kebabs and slow-cooked lentils represent the lesser-known, internationally inspired side of London comfort food.
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    1664 3rd Ave.
    New York, NY US
  • Tiffin Wallah
    Fill up on naan and curry at Tiffin Wallah. No need to miss out on Tiffin Wallah just because you are avoiding fat or gluten. The restaurant has plenty of options that can accommodate your dietary needs. Save a few dollars by bringing your own bottle of wine —the restaurant is BYOB. Tiffin Wallah also operates a bar, so a round of drinks with dinner is not out of the question. Youngsters don't need to sit out a trip to Tiffin Wallah — it's super family-friendly and perfect for little diners and their folks. Call ahead for reservations to ensure your table is waiting for you when you arrive. It doesn't get much more laid-back than Tiffin Wallah, so dress for comfort when you come. If you need to feed a big crowd, Tiffin Wallah also offers catering services for parties and get-togethers. Bring your car to dinner and easily find a space in the area — street parking is available, as is a nearby lot. A typical meal at Tiffin Wallah will set you back less than $30.
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    127 E 28th St
    New York, NY US
  • Taj Mahal Restaurant and Party Hall
    For Indian fare that's hard to beat, make your way to Taj Mahal Restaurant and Party Hall, where the five-star ratings speak for themselves. Don't come if you're looking for a healthy meal. Come here if you're looking for a delicious one! If dinner and a movie are on the agenda, reservations are recommended for a timely night out. Comfort is prioritized at Taj Mahal Restaurant and Party Hall, where business casual is the name of the (dress code) game. You want food. You can take it or we'll leave it — just as simple as that. Let us know your preference. Through their catering service, Taj Mahal Restaurant and Party Hall can also set out a delicious spread for your next party. Taj Mahal Restaurant and Party Hall is located near endless parking possibilities, allowing drivers to park with ease. Treating yourself doesn't mean breaking the bank, come taste the great dishes Taj Mahal Restaurant and Party Hall has to offer.
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    14801 Hillside Ave
    Jamaica, NY US
  • Desi Food Truck
    The white takeout boxes are the only bland things about Desi Food Truck. Everything else?from their bright-yellow truck adorned with colorful images and designs to their spicy Indian street food?is a smorgasbord for the senses. Chefs serve up boxes of traditional Indian street food all around town, from their permanent spot in Soho Square Park and their roving truck that hits NYC's varied neighborhoods. The chefs specialize in street foods from throughout the subcontinent, from the spicy chicken tikka masala to the vegetarian-friendly lentils served with rice and indian pickles. The most highly recommended dish, however, is the biryani. The chefs toss the rice with spices typical of a Kolkata market or pair it with tender cuts of goat to create a dish that's as comforting and flavorful as a beef-jerky teething ring.
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    5th Ave,W 27th,W 27th,W 27th
    New York, NY US
  • Kaieteur Express Restaurant
    A flavorful restaurant, Kaieteur Express Restaurant serves spicy Indian fare. You won't find fare that's low in fat here Kaieteur Express Restaurant is the perfect place to indulge. Comfort is prioritized at Kaieteur Express Restaurant, where business casual is the name of the (dress code) game. Choose wisely. Wait at home for delivery or come into Kaieteur Express Restaurant for carryout. The restaurant also offers catering if you want to bring the flavors of Kaieteur Express Restaurant to your next party or event. Parking is accessible and not far from the restaurant. For those who travel by bike, Kaieteur Express Restaurant offers bike racks for diners. It will typically cost you about $30 to enjoy a meal at Kaieteur Express Restaurant.
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    12004 Liberty Ave
    South Richmond Hill, NY US

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