Computer Repair in Foothill Farms

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  • uBreakiFix
    uBreakiFix CEO Justin Wetherill spoke with Groupon about the importance of protecting your smartphone and the challenges of fixing a phone that has been dropped into a deep fryer. On the worst thing you can do after cracking your smartphone’s glass screen “Don’t just put it into your pocket and continue to use it,” Wetherill says. The broken glass can actually cause serious damage to the phone’s inner components and turn a relatively simple fix into a costly repair job. On the repair process "Look, this is something we do every day," Wetherill says. "You are not the first person to break a phone.” Collectively, uBreakiFix's highly trained technicians repair more than 20,000 devices a month, drawing from a library of high-quality parts that are tested twice before they ever get used in a repair service. Free diagnostics are a staple at all uBreakiFix locations, so customers understand the problem before any work is done. On growing his business uBreakiFix began as a business based out of Wetherill’s living room, and it now boasts more than 60 locations nationwide. “We are proof that the American dream is alive,” he says. On unusual repair jobs Wetherill remembers one fast-food employee who dropped her phone into a restaurant’s deep fryer. “It smelled pretty bad,” he said; however, the repairs were successful. Another customer lost his phone in a cement mixer. After some serious effort, the technicians were able to safely recover all of the important data, but the phone died a few hours later. As Wetherill pointed out, “it did go through a cement mixer.” Some miracles just aren’t meant to be. On the importance of a one-day turnaround time Repairs at uBreakiFix’s store locations can often take as little as an hour, according to Wetherill. This is a critical part of the shops' focus—something Wetherill personally understands. If forced to choose between spending the weekend without his smartphone or his left arm, he jokes that he would pick the arm. “Of course, this is assuming that there wouldn’t be any pain,” he laughs.
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    5500 Sunrise Blvd.
    Citrus Heights, CA US
  • Petro Computer Systems
    It's about time you visited Petro Computer Systems in Citrus Heights to see what their electronics store can offer you in terms of comfort and convenience for your life. A new computer makes all the difference in the world. Stop in at this store to see all that it has to offer including laptops, computer parts, printer_copier_scanner_string, desktop computers, and computers. With available parking nearby, Petro Computer Systems is easily accessible by car. If you want to bring your home movie nights to the next level, pick up some new electronics at Petro Computer Systems in Citrus Heights.
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    6929 Sunrise Blvd
    Citrus Heights, CA US
  • M&M Computers
    Whether fixing the screen on the latest iPhone or retrieving data from a water-logged older model, the gadget whizzes of M & M Computers conduct their services fast and professionally. They take the extra time to explain what they're doing in plain English or Spanish, ensuring customers understand what's happening to their devices, which only speak binary. M & M can repair a range of products from Apple?including cracked iPhone screens in less than 15 minutes?as well as smart phones from Samsung, HTC, Droid, Blackberry, and more.
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    7613 Greenback Lane
    Citrus Heights, CA US
  • Americas Business Software
    Treat yourself to a new computer, such as printer_copier_scanner_string and computers, and reap the benefits of a well-equipped and technology-advanced computer. Here you can find close and safe parking for you to take advantage of during your visit.
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    3641 Timmco Ct
    Carmichael, CA US
  • Performance Technology Partners
    Out with the old and in with the new! Or not...Performance Technology Partners in Gold River will fix your device or help you find a new one. Computer parts, printer_copier_scanner_string, desktop computers, and computers are just some of the amazing and affordable computers that this store has to offer. At Performance Technology Partners, you won't have to worry about forgetting where you parked. There are plenty of parking spaces nearby for you to choose from. For a team who knows more than your average big box store, take advantage of the professionals at Performance Technology Partners in Gold River.
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    11246 Gold Express Dr
    Gold River, CA US
  • Access Computers and Wireless
    No matter what your electronic of choice is, Access Computers and Wireless in Roseville has a large selection of electronics deals for you to take advantage of. Laptops, computer parts, computer monitors, printer_copier_scanner_string, desktop computers, and smartphones are just some of the amazing and affordable computers that this store has to offer. Save time and money with nearby parking options at Access Computers and Wireless. When you stop into Access Computers and Wireless, you'll create convenience beyond your imagination.
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    118 Sunrise Ave
    Roseville, CA US