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  • Texas Ghost Tours
    The fa?ades of Galveston homes may not appear menacing by day, but when night falls, pitch-black shadows hint at the secrets hidden inside. Tracy Richardson, a clairvoyant, paranormal investigator, and the owner of Texas Ghost Tours, unearths these lingering evils during her two-hour walking tours of the city?s haunted sites. As a member of the Haunted Society and National Paranormal Society, Tracy?s knowledge of the local lore is nearly as daunting as the task her tours tackle: to educate visitors about the existence of paranormal activity. After sunset, she leads the way to nearby buildings imprinted with past horrors. She dives even deeper into the supernatural during paranormal investigations, during which she dons a bed sheet and a Sherlock Holmes hat.
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    1205 Deepwood Dr
    Friendswood, Texas US
    Active learning is at the heart of Kids Bloom's mission. This means they facilitate intellectual development in children through exciting classes that forego the old, ineffective means of education?lectures, quizzes, and rote memorization. Instead, Kids Bloom kindles creativity and critical thinking with classes that help illuminate educational material by focusing on fun and interactive materials. Take, for example, the robotics classes?kids build drumming monkeys, airplanes, and remote controlled devices, all the while learning science and engineering without realizing it. Other classes focus on the arts, languages, and science, but in a way that's at once entertaining and instructive. Instructors strive to help children tap into problem solving, critical thinking, and creative skills while fostering teamwork and fine motor skills.
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    200 East Edgewood
    Friendswood, TX US
  • WOW Camps
    It?s hard to find quicksand in most residential neighborhoods, but luckily, in WOW Camps? Gross Out Chemistry sessions, kids learn to make their own?along with slime, flubber, and various other goops. They don?t just create fun and disgusting substances that could be found on a sci-fi film set or inside that ominous shed grandpa forbids anyone to go into, though?they also learn the science behind chemical reactions and compounds, how to build their own vehicles, and the principles of simple machines. This blend of education and play characterizes the entirety of WOW Camps? eclectic lineup of day programs, which range from science- and tech-focused curricula to creative writing camps that boost language skills. In the Lego engineering camps, students master STEM skills through hands-on investigations of simple machines and mechanism built with the iconic bricks. This engineering mindset extends to the Zoob Land Rover camp, where students create remote-control vehicles and use them to learn the principles of data collection and performance prediction.
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    301 Leisure Lane
    Friendswood, TX US

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