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Massage in Houston

Every year, Houston is named one of the worst cities in the country for traffic. As a result, people here are very tense. That’s why it’s so important to find a good place for a massage in Houston. To help you narrow down your options, we came up with a list of some of our favorites.

Best Overall Massage in Houston

Blossom Massage

Blossom consistently appears on Best Of lists in various publications. Here’s what people seem to love about it:

  • No extra charges for aromatherapy or hot stones .
  • Deep heat massages that use hot towels and stones to loosen up muscles.
  • Massage therapists who have worked with professional athletes in the past.
  • Upscale spa atmosphere.


Pro Tip: If your massage was satisfactory, tip 15%–20% of the total amount.

Best Specialty Massage in Houston

Zalla Massage

Zalla’s specialty massages makes the spa stand out from all the other massage-therapy places. There’s the infant massage, for instance, which actually teaches new parents how to massage their babies, creating a lasting bond through touch. Then there’s the scar-tissue therapy, designed to reduce scar thickness and discoloration, and breast-implant-recovery therapy, designed to encourage the pectoralis muscle to relax so the implant can drop into the pocket.

Book an appointment at Zalla through our Beauty Now booking service.


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Best Couples Massage in Houston

Concierge Massage


Technically this is in Katy, but it’s worth the half-hour drive out there. Concierge Massage is helmed by Kathy Kissner, a therapist who has worked with such big clients as Chevron, Ernst & Young, and Enron. She specializes in pain-relieving medical massage and even previously treated former Texan players. During couples massages, Kathy and her team treat couples lying side-by-side to 60- or 90-minute relaxation sessions. The best part? The traffic on the way home won’t even get to you.


Best Massage Workshop in Houston

Secrets 2 Desire


This couples massage workshop teaches couples how to give each other massages and connect with each other. The courses are private and include glasses of wine and dessert.


Here’s what some of our customers have to say about the sessions:


“My girlfriend and I absolutely loved this workshop. We learned so many techniques, and have recommended to a lot of friends. We will definitely be back!!” – LaToya S.


“Amazing class! My fiance and I use our stretches and massages daily.” – Ronique W.

“Me and my wife selected this for our anniversary, it was a great experience where we shared quality time and pleased each other and learned massage techniques that we can use to relax ourselves.” – Rahimd C.

Best Prenatal Massage

Houston Pregnancy Massage and Doula Care


Sometimes it’s hard to know what you can and can’t do during pregnancy. But the therapists at Houston Pregnancy Massage and Doula Care know exactly how to keep mom and baby safe during prenatal massages, which they offer at all stages of pregnancy. The therapists have had extensive training, and they enhance massages with organic lotions and oils. They even provide massages to prepare a woman for labor and help induce labor.


What Happens During a Prenatal Massage? A Quick Breakdown


  • Pregnant clients lie on their side on the massage table, not on their stomachs.
  • Some tables have a cutout in the middle for the stomach to hang in, but they’re harder to find.
  • Specially designed pillows support body weight.
  • Massage is often focused on the lower back or on the head, neck, and shoulders.

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Best Massage Chain in Houston

Elements Massage

Elements Massage runs studios in more than 30 states, garnering positive praise from Texas to Illinois.


Here’s what our customers say about the Houston Galleria location.


“This was my second visit and second and last Groupon to use there. I bought a monthly membership it was so good.” – Amy C.


“I purchased a groupon for a 90 minute massage and it was wonderful! Adrian was my massage therapist and did a great job addressing the issues I was having. He even took the time to demonstrate some stretches for me to do at home to help with ongoing pain I've been dealing with. Will definitely go back!” – Heather H.

“Great customer service and great massage. Highly recommended, it was relaxing. “– Ngoc L.

Best Reflexology in Houston

Athen's Health and Massage

Athen’s is another studio on the outskirts of Houston that is worth driving to. Here, the reflexologist behind Holly Holly Reflexology uses pressure points in the feet to stimulate organs throughout the body. Studies by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health have suggested that reflexology can reduce pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. But above all, it feels really good for her to deeply massage your feet.


Reflexology Is Great for People Who Wear High Heels

"Wearing heels compresses the calf. So as that gets tight, that muscle gets used to being in that position. So even if you're not trying to do traditional reflexology, we can warm up all that tissue and take the pressure off your heel, foot, and calf.” – Reflexologist Colin Costa


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