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    NASCAR Racing School With A Twist. We offer the best NASCAR Experience with the emphasis on Education and getting the most out of the car and driver.
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    5301 Winder Highway
    Braselton, GA US
  • Doug Foley's Drag Racing School
    A driver curls his fingers around the steering wheel, takes a deep breath, and places his foot onto the peddle, bringing a mechanical beast to life. The screech of burning rubber, roar of an 500-horsepower engine, and the silent rush of adrenaline block out the rest of the world, allowing the driver to focus entirely on the run. As he battles the g-force, the realization hits that he has just achieved a lifelong dream: He is a drag racer. Doug Foley first noticed the lack of a comprehensive drag-racing training center in 1997, and he took it upon himself to fill the void. Along with a team of instructors, Foley lets novices ride shotgun or drive themselves to taste drag racing for the first time. Once the new racers are hooked, a lineup of beginner to advanced classes licenses students for everything from junior dragsters, to door cars and A-fueled dragsters. Through these efforts, Foley and his team ready drivers to compete in professional races and fulfill a dream.
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    500 East Ridgeway Road
    Commerce, GA US
  • Adventure Supercars
    Adventure Supercars gets you behind the wheel of some of the fastest supercars on the planet including: Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini LP550 Balboni, Audi R8 V10, McLaren MP4-12C, Nissan GT-R, Mercedes SLS AMG, and BMW M3. Adventure Supercars? exotic track day starts with a quick informative class about the professional racetrack, and what to expect from the 500+ horsepower cars you are about to drive. After putting on a helmet, you have a professional race instructor sitting shotgun helping you getting around the track as safely, and fast as possible! The super cars all feature a high speed automatic transmission that allows anyone to drive it, no shifting experience needed. Remember the adventure with in car high definition video of your drive and an in car photo available for purchase at the event. Get the whole family onto the track with professional instructor ride alongs in any of the super cars.
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    20 Duck Thurmond Rd
    Dawsonville, GA US
  • On Set Actors Studio
    Signature service: Acting Classes for kids and adults Established: 2014 Reservations/Appointments: Required Staff Size: 2?10 people Average Duration of Services: 2?4 hours Most Popular Offering: Script analysis, cold reading, monologue, auditions, improv Pro Tip: You will be taught by celebrity coaches from TV shows [such] as The Walking Dead, Drop Dead Diva, etc.
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    4747 Sherman Allen Road
    Gainesville, GA US
  • Fancy Doodle Art & Wine House
    With some creativity and maybe a dash of wine, guests at Fancy Doodle Art & Wine House can paint their own pottery and canvases. Wine-and-canvas sessions come with a 16"x20" canvas, brushes, and paint, and house wine from Habersham Winery is available for purchase. Sessions for kids swap wine for Kool-Aid but show participants just as much fun and technique during the group's time together.
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    7272 S Main St.
    Helen, GA US
  • M1 Power Sports
    Known as M1 Entertainment in its past life, M1 Power Sports has been creating, organizing, and promoting racing events for more than 15 years. Although motorcycle races are the nucleus of M1-sanctioned competitions, extra attractions and family-centered entertainment supply off-the-track amusement, helping scorch the memories of both first-time fans and longtime supporters with unforgettable experiences.
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    5300 Winder Highway
    Braselton, GA US

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