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  • Vibrant Health
    As a certified colon hydrotherapist, natural health consultant, and educator, Debi Boyle is passionate about helping her patients to achieve wellness in their lives through colon purification and a wholesome diet. Within the confines of Debi's beach-themed treatment room—complete with soft music, an oil diffuser, and a novelty-size ocean—a slim plastic conduit delivers cleansing currents to her patient's lower bowels. The docile tube rids bodies of toxins and malevolent microorganisms that can be the cause of digestive problems, fatigue, acne, or even anxiety. Debi also helms weight-loss and nutrition classes, teaching students to whittle waists in a healthy way, maximize their metabolism, and maintain long-term health.
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    2511 Oakstone Dr.
    Westerville, OH US
  • Grandville Fitness LTD
    Granville Fitness' certified instructors lead group fitness classes in a variety of styles, motivating students to develop sturdy muscle subdivisions and camaraderie with fellow fit-seekers. The boot-camp classes' routines are derived from the sweat-intensive techniques of military training without requiring participants to shave their heads, and Zumba sets workouts to pulsating beats. For one-on-one attention, personal-training sessions pair clients with certified trainers for intense mentoring in areas such as yoga, cardio, and strength training, and trainer-trainee duos work toward student-set goals such as completing a 5K, losing weight, or alligator wrestling. Membership options vary, including an annual membership or month-to-month plans, gaining access to the facility's training equipment including medicine balls, TRX equipment, body bars, and foam rollers.
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    129 Westgate Dr
    Newark, OH US
  • Edgewood Equestrian
    facet: Main type: Traditional locale: en_US title: ' Edgewood Equestrian' facet_type_id: 16a3f360-5f3d-1032-bfd3-aee5d5db0555 html_text: Instructors Russ and Lynn Edgington hold the reins at Edgewood Equestrian. Along with instructor Stacy Boles, they specialize in classical dressage, cowboy dressage, and driving dressage. They take on all levels of riders, leading private, semiprivate, and group lessons for adults and kids. Their indoor and outdoor facilities allow them to conduct lessons in any type of weather, meaning students can bond with stallions even if it is raining, snowing, or so sunny that horses would instinctively go to the beach if not kept indoors.
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    12450 Flint Ridge Rd.
    Heath, OH US
  • Eye Site the Optometrist
    Don't skimp on the quality of care for your eyes. Make the windows to your soul last a lifetime with the high-quality care at Eye Site the Optometrist in Granville. Eyes are the windows to your soul, but at Eye Site the Optometrist, glasses and contact lenses serve as windows to the world. This vision center has a strict appointment-only policy for all services. No cash, no problem. This beauty salon happily accepts payments by major credit card. At Eye Site the Optometrist, drivers can settle for safe parking in the lot next door. When you're experiencing dry eye, head on over to Eye Site the Optometrist to get it checked out.
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    114 N Galway Dr
    Granville, OH US
  • Orr Health & Chiropractic Clinic
    The staff of Orr Health & Chiropractic Clinic can see inside clients' bodies using thermal-imaging technology, designed to indicate areas of inflammation, injury, and possibly cancerous tumors. Such pinpoint accuracy allows the staff to address the source of pain, instead of just blanketing the system with pain-killing medicine. In addition to this noninvasive treatment, the office also offers acupuncture and massage therapy, as well as chiropractic and nutritional services.
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    1965 Newark Granville Road
    Granville, OH US
  • The Dance
    The instructors at The Dance help students master fancy footwork for special occasions, festive nights out, and afternoons mopping the floor. The studio's specialties––wedding dances and Argentine tango––inject romance into the very basic act of moving legs and arms. More than half a century of combined experience guides the teachers as they demonstrate and guide students through the basics of the foxtrot, samba, bolero, viennese waltz, and other dances. They also host dance parties where students can practice tango or salsa dancing at nightclubs or BYOB spots.
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    454 South Main Street
    Granville, OH US

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