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  • Young Chefs Academy San Antonio
    "If you make it, you will taste it" is the motto founders Julie Fabing Burleson and Suzy Vinson Nettles envisioned when they created Young Chefs Academy. In addition to giving youngsters hands-on exposure to culinary techniques, kitchen safety, eating etiquette, and table setting, the academy's philosophy ensures that kids like 10-year-old former veggie-hater Camille gain an appreciation for healthy homemade cuisine. With centers in more than 10 states, Young Chefs Academy enriches growing minds ages 3?18 with engaging cooking classes, camps, and birthday parties that impart valuable life skills, such as self-reliance and how to trick a younger sibling into doing the dishes.
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    20330 HUEBNER RD STE 110
  • Lucy's Cake Shop
    Visit Lucy's Cake Shop for a freshly baked treat. Fulfill your cravings with the yummy fare at Lucy's Cake Shop. You won't be disappointed unless you're on a diet. At Lucy's Cake Shop, business casual is the norm, so save your suit and tie for another day. Easy parking is accessible for Lucy's Cake Shop's diners. You won't find better prices in town than at Lucy's Cake Shop, so grab all the snacks you can carry.
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    919 SW Military Dr
    San Antonio, TX US
  • Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts
    Escoffier?s chef instructors kindle flames of passion on stovetops and in their students' hearts with expert lessons detailing techniques, new recipes, and healthy at-home alternatives for amateur cooks. Groups of 16 students gather in professionally equipped kitchens to acquire new skills they can use at home or in department-store displays under the tutelage of academy staff or guest chefs from local restaurants. Common topics cover regional staples such as Texas barbecue or illuminate artisanal cheese making and other gourmet subjects. Seasonally themed holiday courses, such as gingerbread-house making or gluten-free desserts, share festive alternatives to peppermint forts and tinsel-chip cookies.
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    6020 Dillard Circle
    Austin, TX US
  • c Me Change
    Certified live- and raw-food chef Christa Emrick teaches classes of up to 25 people how to craft delicious treats with raw, vegan ingredients and without cumbersome ovens. Guests at the Christmas Cookies class watch and learn as Chef Christa follows recipes taken from her own e-book, Holiday Raw Food Sweets and Treats, to produce cookies free of gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, refined sugar, and coal. Chef Christa also reveals a secret ingredient that can replace eggs, cream, and butter in recipes and out-perform them in food fights. After the class, participants can take home recipes and leftover sample Christmas cookies to enjoy or test them out on the taste buds of a department-store Santa.
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    21044 U.S. 281
    San Antonio, TX US
  • Live Food Wise
    Live Food Wise helps clients maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight by teaching them to cook healthy food. In up to two-hour small-group workshops, an instructor reveals the basics for making up to five meals and baked goods that are low in sugar and carbohydrates. Though the topics change, recipes have included panna cotta, cheesecakes swirled with fruit flavors, and sugar-free chocolate mousse.
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    15900 La Cantera Pkwy.
    San Antonio, TX US
  • Cooking It Up With the Carles
    Tina and Ed Carle, the husband-and-wife team behind this lively cooking school, grew up cooking beside the apron strings of culinary-minded family members. Before heading to New York City to work in five-star kitchens, Tina studied the techniques of her Italian grandmother as she layered lasagna or stirred bolognese sauce. In Texas, Ed developed a knack for prepping wild game, smoked meats, and comfort fare from his family’s butter-centric cookbook. Though he’s become more health conscious through the years, Ed keeps the focus on flavor, demonstrating his know-how in dinner-party-style classes with menus including items such as barbecue brisket or wild venison braised in a dutch oven until it bugles “Taps” and collapses off the bone. Though their culinary backgrounds differ, Tina and Ed share a passion for top-notch ingredients that elevate dinner to an art. Before teaching lessons on shrimp, for instance, Ed drives to the gulf to pick up a fresh catch. They also share a zeal for cooking tricks and techniques that make dinner simpler and more delicious. To this pair, working over a cutting board or a stove yields a bumper crop of sharable delight.
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    134 Hall Isle
    Canyon Lake, TX US

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