Phone Repair in Lincolnwood, IL


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  • Smartphone Repair Center
    There are acts of folly, like getting a smartphone soaked while taking a selfie in front of a waterfall. There are acts of sheer bad luck, like sitting on an iPhone or iPad, or ducking behind one as a malevolent squirrel launches a pointed acorn at you. Despite the advances in technology, things still go wrong. Yet for nearly every problem afflicting smartphones and tablets, the in-house service technicians at Smartphone Repair Center have a solution. Specializing in same-day repairs, they've seen it all and fixed it, saving customers the time and agony of having to replace their devices or communicate forever via flag semaphore. Cracked screens are rendered shiny and new with speedy replacement service, software and battery problems are quickly alleviated, and even the most ravaged housings, face places, and lenses are swiftly rendered factory fresh.
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    Glenview, IL US
  • Techno World
    Here you can find a large number of computer options for both work and personal use, including laptops, printer_copier_scanner_string, and desktop computers. At Techno World, drivers will appreciate the ample parking options in the area.
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    Northbrook, IL US
  • Gadget Geeks
    The good news: smartphones have made our lives more convenient and interconnected than any point in human history. The bad news: when your smartphone breaks, you're basically sent back to the Stone Age. Enter Gadget Geeks, a crew of mobile repair experts dedicated to fixing what ails your phone. Lauded by DNAinfo Chicago and Fox 32 for their expertise and expedient work, the Gadget Geeks breathe life back into Apple and Samsung products affected by physical cracks or internal crashes. They also sell a full range of smartphone accessories, including cases, chargers, and "Sorry I dropped you in the margarita I was Instagramming" cards.
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    Chicago, IL US
  • Electronic Repair Zone
    Ready to get your pedal on? Head on over to Electronic Repair Zone in Chicago and pick out a hot new ride. Quit making your brain do all of the work to remember all the fun you've had. Get a camera or camcorder to record all of those moments you hold so dearly. Smartphones and computers are just some of the amazing and affordable computers that this store has to offer. Endless parking options are readily available close to Electronic Repair Zone. Don't wait around anymore for your dream bike! Head on over to Electronic Repair Zone today and roll out with a brand new set of wheels.
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    Chicago, IL US
  • Tekkeez Tech Repair
    Tekkeez Tech Repair's technicians know how to fix a variety of smartphones, as well as Macs, gaming consoles, and tablets. They also carry a variety of accessories, including faceplates and shield cases in more than 1,500 colors and styles, Bluetooth technology, and OtterBox cases, which are great for those who tend to drop their phone a lot, instead of treating it like an egg baby. While in the store, customers can also sell their old phones for cash.
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    Chicago, IL US
  • Cellphone World
    Shop top-rated bikes at Cellphone World and enjoy a cruise around the streets and trails in Chicago. Ease your work or school load with a helpful new computer, such as smartphones. Many parking options are available in the area. Don't wait around anymore for your dream bike! Head on over to Cellphone World today and roll out with a brand new set of wheels.
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    Chicago, IL US