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  • Hudec Dental
    Hudec Dental's justice league of dentists and hygienists stave off tooth decay and preserve mouth sparkles through a variety of general, restorative, and cosmetic dental practices. Cleanings executed by a trusted enamel advocate expunge teeth of plaque, tarter, and Lego-block buildup, abating risk of gum disease and cavities. A tooth technician then carefully analyses each gumstone, investigating the likelihood of infection, worn-out dental work, and tooth decay. During 15- to 30-minute whitening appointments, a slathering of extra-strength bleaching gel blanches mouth bones until they shine as brightly as an Einstein going supernova. Hudec's office is open Monday?Friday, offering extended evening hours until 7:00pm on Thursday.
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    845 E Aurora Rd.
    Macedonia, Ohio US
  • Hidden Sage
    Founded by Candy, a certified Whole Health Educator seeking new methods of healing after decades of unsatisfying experiences with traditional medicine, Hidden Sage helps clients' inner parts reach inner peace. Among the slate of services are tuning fork sound therapy and color therapy. During both of these services, vibrational healing is used to unblock the body's energies. Color therapy utilizes wavelengths of specific colors to help restore health and vitality. Tuning-fork sessions use specifically-selected musical notes created by tuning forks to unblock energy flows. Nutrition counseling is also available. Throughout the process of blueprinting clients' unique paths toward wellness, Candy pays close attention to their health history and current habits, guides them toward fresh, easy-to-find foods, and shares insider info on what kind of packaging is okay to eat.
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    6138 Riverview Road
    Peninsula, OH US
  • Brandywine Vision Center
    Brandywine Vision Center presents an opportunity to treat all of your optical care needs in Northfield. Whether you're looking for new contacts or a new pair of specs, Brandywine Vision Center has it all. Don't wait for a fabulous beauty date with your stylist. vision center is always ready for you, as they accept all walk-ins during normal business hours. This establishment allows you to safely and conveniently pay with one of your major credit cards. Forget the hassle of street parking and head to Brandywine Vision Center for easy access to parking lots. Set your sights on clearer vision by visiting the experts at Brandywine Vision Center today.
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    9391 Olde 8 Rd
    Northfield, OH US
  • Farian Cosmetic and Family Dentistry
    Farian Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Macedonia understands how stressful life can be and that's why they offer a large selection of stress-relieving spa treatments. Overdue for a dentist appointment? Don't fret! Farian Cosmetic and Family Dentistry offers a wide range of services for your dental care needs, including fillings, check up, cleaning, and crowns and veneers. Remember to schedule your next beauty service ahead of time! This spa has a strict appointment-only policy. The next time you need to fill a cavity or cure a toothache on the fly, call up Farian Cosmetic and Family Dentistry.
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    503 East Aurora Road
    Macedonia, OH US
  • Nordonia Dental Group
    Quality and affordable dental services are available at Nordonia Dental Group in Northfield, including cleanings and fillings. Make the most of your smile with these terrific dental services: fillings, check up, cleaning, crowns and veneers, and teeth whitening. Be sure to call ahead — this dental clinic is strictly by-appointment. If a trip to the dentist is on your agenda, be sure to swing by Nordonia Dental Group for top-notch tooth treatment.
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    147 E Aurora Rd
    Northfield, OH US
  • Summit Dental Specialists
    A professional teeth cleaning from Summit Dental Specialists in Macedonia is the first step to keeping both your teeth and gums healthy. You'll want to take advantage of the cosmetic dental services at Summit Dental Specialists, and fillings, check up, cleaning, and crowns and veneers are the place to start. The next time you need to fill a cavity or cure a toothache on the fly, call up Summit Dental Specialists.
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    8600 Alexandria Dr
    Macedonia, OH US

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