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  • CrossFit Essentials
    Zack Marler describes his ADHD as a blessing: Whereas some might be discouraged by the diagnosis, it has fueled him with an unrelenting store of energy and an upbeat attitude that is invaluable in the fitness world. Zack began honing his unending pep at a young age, when his mother had the good sense to encourage the lively youngster to channel his energy toward athletics. Since then, Zack has been involved in martial-arts studios, gymnastics gyms, boot camps, and CrossFit training centers, and he trained for five years in the U.S. Navy. Today, Zack owns and operates CrossFit Essentials, where he continues to infuse his abundance of energy into high-intensity CrossFit classes every day. He and his staff of certified CrossFit trainers guide students through the strenuous CrossFit workouts while doling out nutritional tips and words of encouragement. His studio also offers CrossFit courses for kids, in which children and teenagers engage in creative workouts that aim to hone their athleticism and their ability to hurl unabridged copies of Great Expectations up to 40 feet away. Throughout the week, the gym brings all its members together with family outings, movie nights, and nutrition challenges.
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    177 Kendra Drive
    Mc Donough, GA US
  • Curves
    No men, no makeup, no mirrors. It's a philosophy that?s helped members of the Curves community since 1992. Part fitness center, part community center, Curves is a women?s only club that takes a streamlined approach to health, fitness, and weight loss. Curves has teamed up with health and fitness coach Jillian Michaels to develop full-body, 30-minute workouts that kick-start weight loss, combining strength training, cardio, and stretching into sessions that torch fat, build strength, boost intensity, and prevent plateaus. These workouts are enhanced further by the Curves Complete Program, available for an extra fee, which is rooted in Curves' method for effective weight loss in that it supplements efforts at the gym with personalized meal plans and weekly one-on-one meetings with a certified Curves coach.
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    311 Olde Towne Way
    Mcdonough, GA US
  • Crossfit - Locust Grove
    Inside the CrossFit Locust Grove facility, barbells, jerk boxes, strongman logs, truck tires, and a welcoming group of classmates await any exerciser willing to take the next step in their fitness goals. A crew of committed coaches leads what comes next, namely, Workouts of the Day (WOD). Each WOD comprises functional movements, all performed at high intensity while coaches and classmates shout encouragement. Over time, the WOD targets every major muscle group, which not only sculpts muscles but helps with performance in everyday tasks, such as grinding coffee with a bowling ball. Since the exercises are scalable?meaning they can be adjusted to fit everyone from beginners to elite athletes?all students who attend can expect to push their own limits in strength, balance, power, endurance, and agility.
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    108 Park 42 Drive
    Locust Grove, GA US
  • Karate Atlanta
    At Karate Atlanta, students as young as 4 develop physical coordination and build deep stores of self-confidence during Tiny Tigers and Juniors classes.?Once they've graduated to adult classes, students aged 13 and older learn to protect themselves through ancient martial-arts?techniques.?All classes take place in a?safe,?positive learning environment, and the school even offers specialty programs that focus on goals such as dealing with bullying or developing awareness of strangers.?
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    1332 McDonough Place
    McDonough, GA US

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