Atlanta is a large city with a very skilled medical community within the city limits. Atlanta doctors are located in every neighborhood within the city, and their skill set spans the medical field. From cosmetic surgery to dermatology, there is a doctor within the city who can help with any condition.

Back problems and chronic pain are some of the things the chiropractors at Back to Basics treat. Located in the Home Park area of Atlanta, Back to Basics is an alternative medicine clinic and chiropractic office. The staff specializes in pain relief but also offers massage therapy and other procedures.

Ansley Chiropractic is a clinical facility that specializes in sports and other trauma-related injuries. They also treat disc problems, headaches and extremity pain. Located in the Ansley Park area, these doctors are available to treat just about any pain-related injury.

Atlantians will find cosmetic options for those unfavorable body quirks at Paces Plastic Surgery and Recovery Center. The facility offers a complete service, from diagnosis to recovery. The doctors at Paces perform treatments using laser resurfacing, including photo facials. They also do body contouring, lifts, liposuction and tummy tucks. Paces can handle any type of Atlanta cosmetic surgery problem that comes through the clinic doors. The facility is located in the Northside area of the city.

Give the skin a little extra attention by going to a dermatologist in Atlanta. Dunwoody Dermatology is located in the Dunwoody neighborhood, north of the downtown area. In addition to treating blemishes, acne and rashes, the dermatologists at Dunwoody Dermatology also perform Botox and filler injections and laser treatments. The cosmetic skin procedures the practice offers are all done in a clinical setting by trained professionals.

When looking for Atlanta doctors, take the time to consider a specialist. The dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and chiropractors in Atlanta have the skills to cure what ails any resident.

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