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Massage in Austin

When you think of massage, Austin, TX might not be the first place you think of. But why not? After all, it takes a lot of hard work to keep this city weird! And don’t forget that Austin is home to its fair share of Fortune 500 companies, including offices for Cisco, eBay, Paypal and Texas Instruments—all those high-stress desk jobs add up to a lot of aching backs and sore necks! Thankfully, when it comes to great massage, Austin has plenty of amazing therapists just waiting to knead away those knots of tension so you can get back to enjoying all the amazing arts and culture this city has to offer.

Best Swedish Massage in Austin

Massage Harmony


A swedish massage is a great massage style for beginners, since it focuses on relaxation rather than targeting deep knots or trying to correct chronic pain. And, with four locations around Austin, Massage Harmony is one of the best places to book a Swedish massage (or any massage style, for that matter). Their easy, online booking system makes scheduling your ideal time slot a breeze, and clients rave about the friendly staff, who do their best to listen to your needs and design a custom treatment that addresses your every ache and pain.


Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to let your therapist know if the pressure is too hard or too light. Your feedback helps them adjust their strokes accordingly.

Best Deep-Tissue Massage, Austin

ReVital Massage

Unlike Swedish massages, which use gentle pressure to boost circulation and relax the body, deep-tissue massages use focused pressure and targeted techniques to really get deep into the fascia, helping to correct chronic tension. If you’re looking for a good deep-tissue massage, Austin, TX has plenty of options, but our customers give the therapists at ReVital Massage top marks. Here’s what some of them had to say about their experience:


This was one of the best massages I've EVER had! Rachel was very sweet, kind and very professional. She listened to what I wanted and meet all my needs.” - Bertha R.


“I had a 50-minute deep tissue with Lockie and it was AMAZING! She paid very close attention to detail and the areas I told her were bothering me. She was very thorough. I will definitely be going back!” - Katie R.

“Great Re-vitalizing massages. Each time I had a separate massage therapist, both were fantastic. The complimentary bottle of water after the massage is also appreciated. I would definitely recommend!” - Abby P.


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Best Couples Massage in Austin

Organic Spa Massage and Skincare

Few things are as pampering as a couples massage, during which, you and a friend or romantic partner can enjoy side-by-side massages in the same room. But the therapists at Organic Spa Massage and Skincare really go the extra mile to make the experience feel indulgent, adding in extra touches like hot towels, aromatherapy, complimentary wine, tea, or cucumber water, and tasty chocolates. As if that wasn’t enough to feel good about, the spa is also an eco-friendly operation, so you can feel a little less guilty about being so thoroughly indulged.

Best Hot Stone Massage, Austin

Inge-Lise Weber

Why add hot stones to a massage? The heated rocks don’t just feel great when placed along your back, they actually help the massage therapist do their job better by pre-loosening areas of tension before they start kneading.


When it comes to incorporating hot stones into their bodywork, few therapists in Austin do it better than Inge-Lise Weber, who has spent two decades as the massage therapist for Lady Bird Johnson’s family. Here’s what some of our customers had to say about their hot stone massage with Inge-Lise:


Inge-Lise is amazing! I've had a number of massages over the years, and she is one of the best I've had! She has the gift of helping you relax while also knowing/feeling where you're tense and working through those areas. She's very experienced, and it shows in the way she moves through the massage.” - Lesley W.


“I bought the two session 70 min hot stone massage package and thoroughly enjoyed my first one! Her technique, aura, and vibe is all just great!” - Raman S.

“Inge-Lise was incredibly delightful to be around and articulate in her massaging technique. Very relaxing experience!” - Lauren W.


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Best Rolfing Massage in Austin

Right Place Rolfing


Even for seasoned massage-goers, rolfing can be a bit mysterious. But never fear—the massage style with the funny sounding name is a bit like deep-tissue, but with one very big difference. While traditional deep-tissue massage focuses on chronic pain in specific areas, rolfing massage uses deep pressure across the entire body. That’s because rolfing therapists believe the best way to address pain is to manipulate the fascia (that’s the connective tissue between muscles) all over, putting all the muscles back into alignment.


As you might have guessed, this style of massage can be pretty intense, but clients to Right Place Rolfing are often amazed that the therapists there can perform rolfing effectively without much pain. A session here might not be relaxing the way a Swedish massage is, but if you’re looking for relief from chronic pain or feel like your body needs re-aligning, consider booking a session to see what rolfing can do for you.

Best Prenatal Massage, Austin

Kathryn Dufresne, Licensed Massage Therapist

Expecting mothers recline on their side during this specialized form of massage, which helps alleviate the pressure caused by carrying around extra pregnancy weight. If you need to book a prenatal massage, Austin, TX has many qualified therapists, and Kathryn Dufresne is among the best, at least as far as our customers are concerned. Here’s what a few of them had to say about their experiences on Kathryn’s massage table:


Wonderful experience in every way! I highly recommend for the expecting mom.” - Jennifer K.


“Kathryn has a relaxing space and was very communicative during the massage to Check in with me on pressure and comfort. I would definitely book with her again.” - Ann R.

“She is AWESOME! Just the right pressure and she really listens to you. The ambient sounds and the room itself are perfect. I am very glad I discovered her through Groupon!!!” - Debra F.


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