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Massage in Miami

Miami has a reputation as a town where locals put a lot of effort into looking good. But what use is looking good if you don’t also feel good? Thankfully, when it comes to finding a great place for a massage, Miami has plenty of options to choose from. To help you book your Miami massage, we’ve created this resource, which outlines tips and advice to help you make the most of your session, and also highlights a few businesses we think go above and beyond to deliver truly excellent massages. If you’re looking to find the best massage in Miami, you’ve come to the right place!

Best Swedish Massage in Miami


Massage and Unwind

When it comes to finding the best massage in Miami, look to where Miami massage therapists go when they need a massage. That would be Massage and Unwind, where the professional massage therapists are schooled in 8 different styles of massage, including medical massage. So it’s no wonder that they perform beginner-friendly Swedish massages with such ease. Here’s what some of our satisfied customers had to say about their experience at Massage and Unwind:


Amazing and one of a kind experience! I have met my match for massage therapist, as I too am a massage therapist and that makes me slightly more picky. Al is phenomenal and five stars across the board, comfort, informative, hands are ten star!! – Racheal S.


I have had massages all over the world. I compliment Massage and Unwind for being THE BEST massage I have EVER had. It was so pleasurable that I have given several gift certificates to friends and purchased a series for myself. – Vicki C.

This was my first professional massage experience and I would highly recommend Massage and Unwind to anyone. Although I had never had a massage session in the past, the environment and staff were very welcoming. An overall extremely enjoyable experience. – Raymond D.

Why Is It Called Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage is considered the most basic form of massage. In fact, therapists in many other countries simply refer to it as a “classic” massage. So where does the “Swedish” come from?

Swedish massage may have gotten its name from a Swedish physiologist named Pehr Henrik Ling, who pioneered a series of gymnastic stretches known as the Swedish Movement System. That makes some sense, since the classic massage style is defined by its specific movements: long, gliding strokes, strategic kneading, and vibrating percussive motions.

However, some massage experts actually credit a Dutch practitioner with inventing the style, which would make its name a bit of a misnomer.


What Is Swedish Massage?

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From the types of strokes to the benefits, we break down the basics of Swedish massage so you know exactly what to expect during your appointment.

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Best Couples Massage in Miami

âme Spa & Wellness Collective at Turnberry Isle Resort

A couples massage should be all about pampering, and most massage studios enhance their treatments with thoughtful extras like champagne and chocolates. But this lavish resort spa goes above and beyond with its amenities, full-out spoiling guests both before and after their massages. Here’s a partial list of extras you’ll enjoy here:

  • A lounge stocked with champagne and healthy snacks
  • Locker rooms with luxurious treatment areas, including a Himalayan salt room and Swiss shower
  • Unlimited access to the fitness center (including classes) and the pool for the entire day

Swedish vs. Deep-Tissue Massage: Which Is Right For You?

Swedish Massage:

  • What it's like: soothing, relaxing
  • Who it's great for: people looking to relax
  • What to expect: long, soothing strokes; adjustable, but often gentle pressure

Deep-Tissue Massage:

  • What it's like: healing, but sometimes painful
  • Who it's great for: people looking to eliminate deep knots, kinks, and tension
  • What to expect: hard, kneading movements and intense pressure

Best Deep-Tissue Massage in Miami

Biscayne Chiropractic Center


If you’re turning to massage to help you deal with chronic pain, look to Dr. Schulman and the rest of the team at Biscayne Chiropractic. Clients swear that they walk out feeling like a brand new person after their deep-tissue massage, and also rave about the professional and friendly staff. Here are a few great reviews from our customers:


I have been dealing with some chronic back pain for a long time and recently woke up in terrible pain. I came to Biscayne Chiropractic as it had a convenient Groupon deal, and I must share that I am very pleased. Dr. Schulman is very helpful, knowledgeable, and experienced. Just after a few sessions, my pain has diminished consistently, and I am much more energized during the day.” – Jeremy B.


Dr. Randy relieved all the pain that I walked in with, which totally amazed me. Very knowledgeable and professional. Best experience I've had seeing a medical professional. Highly recommended. – Joann W.

I feel like a newborn baby. Thank you so much. Very professional!!!!!! – Ja R.