Miami doctors can help patrons look their best and stay as healthy as possible. The city's many medical centers offer specialties ranging from chiropractic care to children's health, and many unique locations provide additional amenities not found in other areas. From spas to acupuncture, the city has health professionals for almost every need.

The Aventura Wellness and Rehabilitation Center's chiropractor services include spine alignment and care for spinal injuries. Aventura also offers occupational health and injury recovery services, including physical therapy treatment, for those seeking such assistance. Shin Wellness provides guests with chiropractic care along with deep-tissue massage and acupuncture therapy to ensure excellent overall health.

Brickell Cosmetic Center and Spa allows clients to relax in a day spa environment while receiving cosmetic surgery treatments. The MIAMI Institute for Age Management and Intervention takes this care one step further, offering patrons both cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic surgery options.

Dermatologists abound in this beautiful, beach-side city. The Miami Skin Institute provides both cosmetic surgery and dermatological options that can help protect and enhance the look of patrons' skin. South Kendall Dermatology offers similar options, with a specialty in skin care and preventative maintenance. This facility offers a number of doctors specializing in skin wellness and health.

Children can also receive top-notch care from specialty locations in Miami. Kidstown Pediatrics focuses on making a child's stay as enjoyable as possible, and the Miami Children's Hospital features engaging artwork and play options for children facing a longer stay in the healthcare facility.

Miami offers services designed to help with many different medical problems, and many facilities focus on dangers regularly encountered when enjoying the beaches or fun-in-the-sun activities of the city. Miami doctors work to ensure that damage caused by routine exposure to the city's hot and sunny days can be overcome through the careful practice of specialized medicine.

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