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Haircuts in Mission Viejo, CA

<strong>Haircut</strong> and Style with Optional Color or Highlights at Sassy Babe Salon (Up to 52% Off)
Up to 52% Off Hair Services at Sassy Babe Salon

Stylists trim & style tresses after adding optional all-over color or face-framing highlights; keratin treatments straighten & smooth locks

Mission Viejo 1.2 mi
540+ bought
$115 $55
<strong>Haircut</strong> Packages at In Illusion Mission Beauty Salon by Farrah (Up to 58% Off)
Up to 58% Off Haircut Packages

Stylists cut and condition hair, and can enhance color with partial or full highlights

Mission Beauty Salon by Farrah 0.9 mi
810+ bought
$49 $22
Men's <strong>Haircut</strong> or Women's Cut with Optional Color or Partial Highlights at Tina Beauty Paradise (Up to 58% Off)
Up to 58% Off Haircut and Color or Highlights

Stylist crafts face-framing cuts for women or men; women can enliven their look with all-over color or highlights

Mission Viejo 2.7 mi
190+ bought
$25 $20
<strong>Haircut</strong>, Color, and Style from Floria Hair Studio (63% Off)
63% Off Women's Haircuts

From the merchant: The art of modern aesthetic to cuts, coloring, and conditioning services inside an upscale and private salon.

Mission Viejo 2.7 mi
30+ bought
$175 $65
Men's or Children's <strong>Haircuts</strong> at Impressions Hair Salon and Beauty Supply (Up to 52% Off)
Up to 52% Off Men's & Children's Haircuts

Experienced stylist snips away split ends and crafts custom style to flatter the features

Lake Forest 2.2 mi
300+ bought
$20 $10
<strong>Haircut</strong> Packages at 8&8 Salon (Up to 52% Off)
Up to 52% Off Haircut Packages at 8&8 Salon

Experienced stylists trim hair in a relaxing atmosphere; conditioning and coloring options enhance a new look

Lake Forest 2.1 mi
130+ bought
$55 $29
One or Two Centre <strong>Haircuts</strong>, or One Centre <strong>Haircut</strong> with Gray Blending at 18/8 Fine Men’s Salons (Up to 55% Off)
Up to 55% Off Centre Haircuts at 18/8 Fine Men’s Salons

Barbers and stylists with extensive knowledge of men’s grooming transform hairstyles to give them a tailored look worthy of a gentleman

Multiple Locations 2.1 mi
1,000+ bought
$43 $29
Men's <strong>Haircut</strong> with Optional Scalp and Hand Massage at 8&8 Salon (Up to 42% Off)
Up to 42% Off Men's Haircut at 8&8 Salon

Experienced stylists refresh men’s looks with trendy haircuts, in a relaxed atmosphere

Lake Forest 2.1 mi
80+ bought
$30 $19
$19 for a Men's <strong>Haircut</strong> at Vincent Michael Salon ($35 Value)
46% Off a Men's Haircut at Vincent Michael Salon $

With an established reputation of excellence, the hair stylists are dedicated to quality service, innovation, and precision

San Juan Hills West 7.3 mi
30+ bought
$35 $19
<strong>Haircut</strong> w/ Conditioning Treatment, Shampoo, and Root Touch-Up or Partial Highlights at Naz Hair (Up to 75% Off)
Up to 75% Off Haircut and Color Packages at Naz Hair

Naz Bahar discusses each clients’ needs before crafting a custom look to fit their lifestyle, boosting treatments with optional highlights

Laguna Hills 1.2 mi
200+ bought
$115 $29
Up to 64% Off <strong>haircut</strong> and highlights or color by Kathy Moini
Up to 64% Off haircut and highlights or color

From the merchant: Kathy is excellent with colors and doing stunning highlights and European touch hair designs and haircuts and styles

Laguna Niguel 3.7 mi
530+ bought
$165 $59
<strong>Haircut</strong> Packages from Hair By Judi (Up to 66% Off)
Up to 66% Off Haircut Packages

Get a fresh new look with haircut packages from the skilled hands of Judi that include haircuts, deep conditioning treatments and more

Laguna Niguel 3.7 mi
60+ bought
$90 $39
One or Two Men's <strong>Haircuts</strong> with Shampoo and Style from Cristina Hilliard at Salon Platinum (Up to 59% Off)
UP to 59% Off Haircut from Cristina Hilliard at Salon Platinum

Hairdresser helps customers adjust their hairstyles to their facial features and occasion or their daily life

Pacific Park Plaza 3.7 mi
30+ bought
$55 $25
Salon Services at Lux Aveda Salon/Spa (Up to 51% Off). Two Options Available.
Up to 51% Off at Lux Aveda Salon/Spa

Using plant-based Aveda products, savvy stylists revive coifs, enhance visages with updos, and create vivacious looks with vibrant coloring

Downtown Fullerton 23.6 mi
5,000+ bought
$50 $29
Two Women’s <strong>Haircuts</strong> with Optional Deep Conditioning at Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy (Up to 39% Off)
Up to 39% Off Haircuts at Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy

Student Stylists use their cutting skills with an optional deep conditioner to make clients look and feel good

North Costa Mesa District 13.9 mi
610+ bought
$36 $25
One or Two Men's <strong>Haircuts</strong> with Scalp Massages at Amber's Salon and Threading (Up to 42% Off)
Up to 42% Off Men's Haircut at Amber's Salon and Threading

Professional hair stylist offers men’s cuts with scissors and clippers for an updated stylish look

Rancho Santa Margarita 6.4 mi
7 bought
$30 $19
KidsCuts at Cookie Cutters (Up to 40% Off)
Up to 40% Off KidsCuts at Cookie Cutters

Salon is furnished with a slide, screen play units, and fantasy chairs, which create a positive and no-stress atmosphere for visiting kids

Morningside plaza 24.8 mi
660+ bought
$19.95 $12
<strong>Haircut</strong> with Shampoo and Style from Hair Art Studio Salon (63% Off)
63% Off a Haircut with Shampoo and Style

From the merchant: Phoenix Salon Suites a private one on one salon studio. Get you in and out with the hair cut you love.

Talega 10.4 mi
320+ bought
$75 $28
Two or Four Men's <strong>Haircuts</strong> at Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy (Up to 52% Off)
Up to 52% Off Men's Haircuts at Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy

Hairdressing students offer stylish and trendy haircuts for men

North Costa Mesa District 13.9 mi
270+ bought
$30 $15
Men's <strong>Haircut</strong> with Optional Manicure or Executive Facial at Body Beautiful (Up to 38% Off)
Up to 38% Off Men's Services at Body Beautiful

Client is given a new haircut and, if desired, an aesthetician can cleanse and nourish their skin with a facial or perform a manicure

Central Costa Mesa 14.5 mi
60+ bought
$15 $10
Men's <strong>Haircut</strong> and Shampoo with Optional Hot Shave at Club Nails Spa & Hair (Up to 38% Off)
Up to 38% Off Men's Haircut at Club Nails Spa & Hair

Men can enjoy a new look with a professional haircut and pamper themselves with optional beard trim

Lake Forest 5.4 mi
3 bought
$30 $19
$40 for $80 Worth of Services — The Alchemists
50% Off Services

From the merchant: Cute little 2 person salon suite, dedicated to amazing experience, and Toni and Guy trained.

Lake Forest 2.1 mi
1 bought
$80 $40
Men's and Women's Hair Packages at Hair by Georgina (Up to 66% Off)
Up to 66% Off Hair Packages at Hair by Georgina

Skilled hair stylist offers personalized hair packages for men and women including style, shampoo, and scalp massages

The Village 7.6 mi
30+ bought
$75 $35
$19 for One Men's <strong>Haircut</strong> with Shampoo and Scalp Massage at Basin Street Hair ($50 Value)
62% Men's Haircut Package

Stylists cleanse men’s hair before trimming it into a sleek style and massaging the scalp to enhance relaxation

Newport Beach 14.9 mi
280+ bought
$50 $19
<strong>Haircut</strong> with Conditioning or Partial Highlights at CodyRose Salon (Up to 68% Off)
Up to 68% Off at CodyRose Salon

Stylists transform manes with precision cuts and subtle highlights; Keratin treatments reduce frizz while imbuing shine

Irvine Business Complex 12.3 mi
1,000+ bought
$120 $39
<strong>Haircut</strong> Packages with Optional Brazilian Blowout from Cristina Hilliard at Salon Platinum   (Up to 62% Off)
Up to 62% Off Haircut Packages

Stylists transform hair into sleek styles with brazilian blowouts, or cut hair paired with highlights or conditioning

Pacific Park Plaza 3.7 mi
300+ bought
$95 $45
$25 Worth of Services
20% Off Services

Stylist and mom who understands giving kids the opportunity to express their creativity is important. Sola Salons

Lake Forest 2.1 mi
1 bought
$25 $20
Wash, Blow Dry, Style, and <strong>Haircut</strong> or Partial Highlights at Huntington Beach Hair Company (Up to 51% Off)
Up to 51% Off Hair Services at Huntington Beach Hair Company

Professional stylists refresh clients’ looks with new haircuts, styling, coloring, and more

Huntington Beach 23.1 mi
600+ bought
$56 $29
$45 Worth of Services
47% Off Services

From the merchant: Hi my name is Kelsey, Strong skill set, men’s precision haircuts/grooming

Laguna Heights 5.4 mi
$45 $24
<strong>Haircut</strong> and Shampoo from ellie saffarian (60% Off)
60% Off a Haircut and Shampoo - For Men and Women

From the merchant: Shampoo, haircut included

Irvine Business Complex 11.4 mi
120+ bought
$75 $30
How to Eat a Whole Fish

When chef-partner Tony Mantuano and executive chef John Hogan opened their latest Chicago restaurant, River Roast, they wanted to return to one simple concept.

“It’s not about small plates—it's about dinner,” said Mantuano, also the acclaimed creator of Chicago’s Spiaggia.

He’s referring to the kind of old-fashioned dinner that gathers a family around the table to enjoy a centerpiece Sunday roast. It's a concept that's becoming popular across the country as more and more menus favor rustic simplicity over “fussy” modernism.

River Roast serves three such rustic whole-animal meals: chicken, beef, and fish. Of those three, it's maybe seeing the whole fish—head, tail, and all—land on the table that's most daunting to many diners. But restaurants like River Roast go to great lengths to make the dish as approachable as possible despite the dramatic presentation.


River Roast prepares its whole fish two ways: roasted or fried. Both preparations use spigola, a Mediterranean sea bass from Greece also known as branzino. A masterful butcher painstakingly debones each fish, removing the spinal column and all pin bones to make it as easy as possible for guests to eat. Before being roasted, the fish is bathed in an aromatic salsa verde made with mint, basil, parsley, lemon, anchovy, mustard, and garlic. (The fried version is brushed with the same sauce just after it comes out of the fryer.) The vibrant sauce lends both color and herbal tones to the fish.

Next comes the most important step: the roasting itself. “It’s the vehicles that prepare the roasts that make them so special,” Hogan said. For the whole roasted fish, that vehicle is a specially made tandoor oven.

“I don’t think there’s anything that gets more of a char on that fish than that tandoor oven,” Mantuano said. The fish is cooked in a custom-designed basket, its perfect fit ensuring just the right level of roasted flavor on the skin.

whole fish_600c390

The tandoor-roasted whole fish at River Roast.

Here are a few tips from Mantuano and Hogan on eating a whole fish.

Take off the head first

“The closest to the head is always the sweetest meat,” Hogan said. “We encourage people to grab the head and go after it.”

Don’t miss the cheek and collar

Start with the delicate meat around the collarbone, and then move on to the cheek. It can be a little more difficult to get to the cheeks on smaller fish, like the sea bass at River Roast, but it’s worth it. “Typically, the cheek meat is where the really succulent, delicious meat hides.” Hogan said.

“If there were just collar and cheeks, I’d be a happy man,” Mantuano said. “They’re the most flavorful and the most moist.”

Use the tail as a handle

Pull off the tail and eat the meat at the end of the fish, which frees up the rest of the fillet.

Dig into the fillet piece by piece

When fillets are completely boneless, it’s easy to peel pieces of fish away with your fork without moving the body of the fish on the plate. For fish that are aren’t as thoroughly deboned, this is also a good way to make sure your bite doesn’t have any bones in it.

Don’t be shy with the lemon juice

Think of it as seasoning. “You can never have enough lemon juice on whole roasted fish,” Mantuano said.

Watch Chef Mantuano and Hogan talk more about the whole-fish trend:

Photos by Andrew Nawrocki, Groupon. Video by John Scott, Groupon.

Read more about getting back to rustic cooking:

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