LASIK in Missouri

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  • Silverstein Eye Centers
    Steven M. Silverstein, MD FACS wears many hats. As a board-certified ophthalmologist at Silverstein Eye Centers, he hones vision with refractive surgeries, cataract treatments, and lens implants.
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    4240 Blue Ridge Blvd
    Kansas City, MO US
  • Crown Laser Center
    When Alive magazine publisher Elizabeth Tucker first thought about LASIK surgery as an alternative to the glasses she had worn since second grade, she didn't think it was an option. She feared the cost, worried about the time off work, and was unsure about how safe the procedure would be. Luckily, numerous friends told her about the transformative effects of their own procedures, and she finally decided to take the plunge at Crown Vision Center. There, a team of board-certified ophthalmologists, optometrists, and surgeons put Elizabeth and other patients at ease as they correct corneas with trained hands and cutting-edge equipment, boasting a 99% surgery-success rate. Elizabeth is now glasses-free and doesn't regret a thing. "It's been life-changing for me," she says in a video on the laser center's website, "I would recommend it to anyone."
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    7235 Watson Road
    St. Louis, MO US
  • Insight Eyecare Specialties
    Insight Eyecare Specialties equips patients with major brands of both European- and American-designer frames in various styles and colors. Each set of peepers is matched up with eyewear that provides the right look and fit while maximizing visual clarity. Browse top-flight designer frames such as Prada ($249?$349), Coach ($209?$369), and Versace ($219?$299) or alleviate a droopy brow with Nike ($209?$249) and Guess ($149?$209) eyewear. Insight Eyecare also boasts a selection of single-vision lenses ($65+) and assorted shades for shielding eyes against falling drops of sun. With frame materials ranging from titanium and stainless steel to plastic, customers can find blinkers to fit all budgets and lifestyles, whether they?re looking for glasses to wear occasionally or for a durable pair that can withstand territorial duels with bighorn rams.
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    19045 East Valley View Parkway
    Independence, MO US
  • Advanced Vision Columbia
    At Advanced Vision, experienced optometrist and Columbia native Dr. Sahba Jalali helps his friends and neighbors see clearly with a wide range of medical and corrective services. High-tech corneal mapping and comprehensive exams help uncover hidden maladies and zero in on exact prescriptions, and frames from designer labels perfect eyesight with high fashion.
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    2011 Corona Rd Ste 201
    Columbia, MO US
  • Iverson Tomasino Eyecare
    ITG Eyecare is a comprehensive eye care center dedicated to providing the highest quality patient care through advanced ophthalmic techniques and treatments.
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    302 East Pitman Street
    O'Fallon, MO US
  • Perfect Sense Eye Care
    Perfect Sense Eye Care’s rock-star ophthalmologist, Dr. Stephen Wiles, has performed more than 30,000 ophthalmic surgeries to date, and that number keeps on growing. From removing cataracts to correcting blurry vision, the doctor's trusted hands can almost instantly eliminate the need for glasses and contacts. During his LASIK procedure, for example, he carefully reshapes the outermost layer of the eye⎯the cornea⎯thereby allowing the retina to better focus incoming light. Within 24 hours, patients who previously suffered from astigmatism or constantly forgot to open their eyes each morning can enjoy crisp, clear vision.
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    3201 Ashland Ave
    St Joseph, MO US

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