There are a wide variety of Saint Louis fitness clubs that one can join located around almost every corner in the city. Several of these clubs are open 24-hours a day, seven days a week to give everybody equal access to working out. Whether looking for hardcore weight training or light aerobics, Saint Louis has an outlet for every step of a weight loss journey.

Most often, people join a fitness club to improve their health or for weight loss. The Saint Louis Fitness Club, located on Hampton Avenue, offers a free membership trial for a week, as well as personal trainers, massage, tanning, child care, and sleek body boot camp. The Fitness Factory is another popular fitness club in Saint Louis. This gym is a historically renovated 18,000 square foot, full service athletic club located in the heart of Washington Avenue's Loft District. Their redesigned space offers four different levels to accommodate all of their client’s needs.

Other types of fitness avenues can include yoga or Pilates. Both of these programs focus on stretching, strength training, and breathing exercises. The Pilates and Yoga Center of St. Louis offers private Pilates and Yoga lessons as well as a large schedule of affordable group classes. In addition, they have also assembled an experienced team of rehab practitioners to support their client’s recovering from any injuries.

Before beginning a new exercise program, it may be beneficial to visit one of the many Saint Louis doctors. The doctor usually starts with getting some health and well-being background information and will possibly perform a physical to see where a person might get the most benefits from an exercise program. When wanting to make being fit and healthy a priority, Saint Louis has many options for any stage in a person's journey.

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