Things To Do With Kids in Saint Louis

Since Missouri is considered both a southern and midwestern state, St. Louis straddles both cultures, and balances them very well. Bearing both Southern Hospitality and Midwestern Charm, the city welcomes families with a variety of things to do in St. Louis with kids. We’re here to help with a couple of quick itineraries.

Itinerary 1: Downtown St. Louis Kids Activities

Downtown St. Louis is compact and friendly. Not many cities boast a baseball stadium and ice arena in their city centers. But here, you can hear the crack of the bat and visit some amazing museums, all within a few square blocks. Here’s a suggestion for spots to visit on a day in downtown St. Louis for kids:

  • Catch a Cardinals baseball game at Busch Stadium, which our editors chose as one of the country’s best ballparks for its location and snacks
  • Learn about the birth of a fundamental musical genre at the National Blues Museum
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  • Let your kids literally run wild in the City Museum’s steampunk version of a playground
  • Grab an iconic pizza at Imo’s, where they specialize at cracker-thin pies that use (instead of mozzarella) the regional favorite—and proprietary—Provel cheese
  • Check out a St. Louis Blues hockey game at nearby Enterprise Stadium

The Jaw-Dropping Exhibits at the City Museum

The City Museum is a dream come true for children of any age, even if they’re fully grown adults. Imagine a shoe factory transformed into a literal playground spanning 600,000 square feet, with places to crawl, climb, and disappear into—not knowing where any tunnel or pathway will lead.

The intent here is to encourage guests to explore. To that end, the maps available on the website are only a little bit more informative than the museum’s name, so you’ll have to rely on intuition and happenstance to find these amazing fixtures:

  • Skateless Park: a defunct skateboard park museum-goers explore on foot
  • A log cabin once belonging to Daniel Boone himself
  • A network of tunnels that sends guests crawling up the walls, beneath the floor, and through the ceiling
  • Two airplanes—balanced on the roof—which guests can explore via a meshwork of metal, for a clear view of how far beneath them the ground lies
  • Shoe-chutes transformed into twisting slides that begin 10 stories high. Read more stats on these incredible slides here.

Itinerary 2: St. Louis Kids Activities in U-City/Forest Park

Not far from the hustle and bustle of downtown, activities in St. Louis for kids can still be found. Starting at one end of the park, then traversing northwest, you can see some pretty great sights.

  • The St. Louis Science Center is nestled in the southeast corner of the park and has TK
  • Take a stroll through the gorgeous grounds of Forest Park and take a little detour through the Forest Park Zoo, and visit all kinds of exotic and domestic beasts
  • Stop for a bite at Blueberry Hill, whose Duck Room was anointed by rock and roll’s own Chuck Berry. The kid-friendly cuisine includes burgers and St. Louis regional favorite, toasted raviolis.

Spotlight: Toasted Ravioli

In just about any casual restaurant in St. Louis, you’ll find this delicious local dish. Its roots have been traced back to the St. Louis’s Italian restaurants in the neighborhood known as The Hill. One origin story is typical of such dishes: a chef inadvertently dropped some ravioli into hot cooking oil instead of water, and a legend was born.

Legendary indeed—these crunchy, cheesy morsels will have your kids talking about them long past your family trip to St. Louis. Ravioli squares containing cheese or ground meat or both are breaded and deep-fried, dusted with parmesan, then served with marinara sauce for dipping. The dish is so loved in St. Louis that its grocery stores freezers are stocked with bags for customers to make at home.

Other Sights Worth Seeing

St. Louis has so much more to do for families seeking fun activities for kids.

Here’s a quick list of fun things to do with kids:

  • St. Louis Zoo: be prepared to encounter one of the free-roaming peacocks spreading its tale for visitors to admire
  • Missouri Botanical Garden: visit the Butterfly House, home to more than 1000 tropical butterflies
  • Saint Louis Art Museum: on Sundays, the museum hosts family tours and hands-on art activities
  • Tower Grove Park: time travel to 1868 at this park that boasts historic pavilions and horse-and-carriage rides
  • Grant’s Farm: No ordinary farm, this enclave houses more than 900 animals, an old-world courtyard, and a log cabin formerly belonging to its namesake, Ulysses S. Grant


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  • The National Museum of Transportation sprawls across 129 acres, presenting its vast collection of automobiles, boats, planes, and trains dating from the mid-1800s to the present day
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  • World Aquarium favors a hands-on approach; visitors often get close enough to high-five the flippers, fins, or pincers of many of its more than 10,000 animals
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  • Escape STL offers themed rooms to challenge groups of 4-10 people that must identify clues to figure out how to free themselves from a locked room in 60 minutes or less
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  • Bevo Miniature Museum houses a collection of artistic miniatures that encapsulate life inside a mansion or a replica of Bevo Mill in a few square inches
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  • The Griot Museum of Black History  relies on beautifully sculpted wax figures to tell the histories of many notable African-American leaders
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