Paintball in Mount Airy

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  • Paintball Central
    Silence fills the forest as a masked paintball player creeps over logs and leaves, unable to find the opposing team he knows is there. Suddenly, a shower of colored paint spews from behind a nearby tree, and the battle begins. Such moments unfold daily at PBC Paintball Park's facilities during the regular season. Their staff, all of whom are paintball players themselves, have designed both wooded and concept fields at Greensboro, Charlotte, and Greenville. At Greensboro, wooded landscapes transform into a battlefield with bunkers, creeks, and large forts. Felled trees and dense foliage give players ample cover amid the undeveloped woods of Greenville's fields, while castles, mounds, cities, and tournaments unfold across PBC Charlotte's level terrain. Additionally, PBC Paintball Parks are affiliated with Paintball Central, which runs two stores in North Carolina and one store in South Carolina where players can stock up on enough paintball gear to ready themselves for the inevitable cartoon-character rebellion.
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    6106 Burlington Rd.
    Gibsonville, NC US
  • New River Paintball
    Founded with a mission of providing the public with an affordable outdoor paintball experience, New River Paintball introduces both enthusiasts and rookies to the sport with equipment rental and event hosting. Expert staffers help customers suit up in rental safety gear, which protect against recreational pellets that fly 285 feet per second, before sending them off to Craig Creek Field. A public field in Blacksburg, Craig Creek Field's knee-high shrubs, tall trees, and invisibility bushes conceal the movements of players while offering ample space for running ambushes. Customers enjoy walk-on warfare or can stage a preplanned event with party packages that equip 10 or more attendees with the arms and ammo needed for hours of celebratory splattering.:=
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    2360 Craig Creek Road
    Blacksburg, VA US
  • Tiger Paintball
    Tiger Paintball's airball field was born from a custom design that its owners toiled to perfect. Unwilling to settle on offering a standard airball experience, Tiger’s team came together to sew the turf’s bonded surfaces together, carefully construct a rain-drainage system, and map out obstacles in a ways that eliminates visibility issues. With all that planning in place, now players are free to race across the inflatable-barricade-littered blue, red, yellow, and purple surfaces to blast at their opponents. The airball field hosts refereed bouts both by appointment and during weekend open play, and a separate shooting range accommodates guests looking to improve their aim before games. The pro shop sells gear, including markers, goggles, and high-pressure air systems, from trusted manufacturers such as Tippmann, Planet Eclipse, and Ninja Paintball, which makes all its equipment from recycled nunchucks.
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    1260 Old Franklin Tpke.
    Rocky Mount, VA US
  • Red Truck Event Center
    Red Truck Event Center hosts a variety of outdoor events, including the down and dirty Hillbilly Games, mud runs, haunted trails, and motocross riding clubs. The center's outdoor track is the perfect location for racing ATVs or taking a dive into the mud.
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    1337 Hopkins Rd.
    Rocky Mount, VA US
  • Boss Paintball
    The themes of the seven fields sprawled across Boss Paintball?s 35 acres of woods are nothing if not eclectic. Teams may imagine that they are a posse of sheriff?s deputies fighting bandits in the saloon and bank of Dodge City, or a group of unfortunate soldiers caught in a battle in a spooky haunted house. They may even find themselves set head-to-head inside the Ark, a 40-foot boat that holds a maze, a flagpole mast, and two of every action hero. An astroturfed speedball field caters to fast-paced matches and forces players to duck behind inflatable cover on an open course.
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    7498 Reed Mine Trail
    Locust, NC US
  • The Master's Inn
    Ask those who work at The Master's Inn, and they'll tell you: you can connect with the divine inside the walls of a church, but you might experience an even more meaningful connection beneath the stars and sun. That's why the retreat offers camping and outdoor recreation for Christians of all ages. Bonfires, trail rides, ropes courses, a zip line, and a lake for canoeing occupy the Inn's 300 acres, along with buildings and meeting facilities.
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    445 Mitchell Springs Drive
    Altavista, VA US

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