LASIK in Naples

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  • Spectacles of Naples
    The medical professionals at Spectacles of Naples harness up-to-date technology to care for the eyes of patients. Dr. Eric Crittenden schedules an entire hour for each exam and consultation, performing the entire evaluation himself to ensure one-on-one attention to the patient's needs, and avoiding mirrors so that patients don't think they have double vision or press charges against the room's walls for identity theft. After addressing needs and concerns in a consultation, the doctor wields a Woodlyn UltraVision HD flat-screen acuity tester in the exam room instead of projecting an eye chart onto a wall, which allows him to change charts, display pictures of the eye, and educate patients in high definition.
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    9118 Strada Pl
    Naples, FL US
  • Advanced Eye Care & Laser Center
    The medical director at Advanced EyeCare, Dr. Alina Stanciu, has over 18 years of experience and is a board certified Ophthalmologist and member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. She is best known for facial rejuvenation?specifically, her nonsurgical take on the face-lift. Dubbed the European face-lift, her procedure combats signs of aging with artful injections of Botox and other dermal fillers. The anesthesia-free shots work synergistically, smoothing wrinkles and relaxing the muscles that cause frown lines between the eyes. To complement Dr. Stanciu's signature injections, the clinic also offers comprehensive eye care. The team's treatments range from basic exams to glaucoma treatment and cataract surgery. They also correct near- and far-sightedness with minimally invasive LASIK surgery, which reshapes corneas with laser light.
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    840 111th Ave. N
    Naples, FL US
  • Weston Plastic Surgery
    Plastic Surgery Practice with complete skin care by licensed aesthetician. Pelleve treatments, microdermabrasion, peels, medical skin care products. Nationally board certified PA for injectables, Botox, Dysport, VI peel and Laser Hair Removal. Plastic Surgeon available for all your surgical needs.
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    2300 N Commerce Pkwy
    Weston, FL US
  • CorrectVision Laser Institute
    Drs. Barry Concool and Marc Bosem helm the Correctvision Laser Institute and have performed more than 40,000 LASIK procedures combined. And though he is eager to help their patients cast off their glasses, contacts, and opera lorgnettes with LASIK, that's not all they do. Teaming up with Dr. Michelle Gonzalez—the institute's Spanish-speaking clinical director and optometrist—they offer a wide range of corrective-vision procedures, such as cataract surgery and conductive keratoplasty, which uses radio frequency instead of lasers to improve farsightedness. They even smooth over wrinkles with Botox, dermal fillers, and spackling paste.
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    2300 N Commerce Pkwy.
    Weston, FL US
  • Lasik Specialist LLC
    Dr. Martin E. Burger of LASIK Specialist LLC tallies more than 69,000 successful LASIK procedures on an extensive resum?. Fully immersed in the realm of refractive surgery, Dr. Burger has been a member of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the International Society of Refractive Surgery, and the American Osteopathic Association. Many patients who depend on their sight for their livelihood??including pilots, commercial drivers, and seeing-eye dogs??have sought out Dr. Burger for their LASIK procedures, which can completely eradicate the need for glasses or contacts.
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    255 N University Dr.
    Pembroke Pines, FL US
  • Eye Site Vision Center - Coral Springs
    Dr. Gary Goberbille of Eyesite Vision Center isn't satisfied with simply peering into the pupil with a little handheld light. Instead, he relies on advanced technology during his exams. Board-certified to spot a host of eye diseases, he photographs the back of the eyeball with Optomap retinal equipment, which not only reveal tumors and swallowed contact lenses, but telegraph ailments such as high blood pressure and diabetes.
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    2344 North University Drive
    Coral Springs, FL US

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