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  • CPI Canadian Images
    Sears Portrait Studio's original photographers developed their first family photos in darkrooms more than 60 years ago. Today, Sears' digital photographers continue the tradition by taking high-quality portraits throughout Canada. Before composing and shooting digital photographs of babies, grads, and families, each professional photographer completes a rigourous training program and adopts styles ranging from formal portraits to passport photos. After the photo session, customers can order prints for collages, greeting cards, and official flags for the family pirate ship.
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    1942 Parkedale Ave.
    Brockville, ON CA
  • T Shirt Factory
    Try an item from T Shirt Factory; it's been known to make its wearers look amazing. Tired of the same wardrobe choices? Stop by this store and discover some new women's clothing inventory. Do you need to look clean-cut and fresh for a specific occasion or work? Do not veer away from this uniform from T Shirt Factory. For parking, you'll be able to look towards the nearby area for available space.
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    37 Water St
    Massena, NY US
  • Tripp Photography
    As she trained her camera lens on the young couple's toddler, Christine Tripp had to reassure them it didn't matter if he was making a mess on the set. It was easy to take her reassurance to heart, because Christine had also been there moments after his birth, aiming her camera at his first moments in the bright hospital room. She'd been there back when his mother's belly began to swell and she wanted her new curves immortalized. She'd been there to capture his parents' wedding reception, and she'd framed their candid joy months before that, at an outdoor photo shoot marking their new engagement. With an eye sharpened by natural, free-form portrait and wedding shoots, including a cover for Ottawa Wedding Magazine, Christine treats photography as an investment in storytelling—often building lasting relationships with her clients in the process. In her three-room studio, Christine shoots using a blend of studio and natural light, augmenting subjects with set pieces such as vintage chairs and art, or garbing them in costumes. She also brings these accents to her on-location shoots, where she skillfully persuades the sun to coat her subjects in its natural light. When not using local scenery as a backdrop, Christine performs exotic shoots at destination weddings that often yield irreproducible photogenic moments, such as one shoot in Mexico where the bride waded into the surf in her full wedding dress. With the help of her staff, Christine translates these photographs into framed canvases, gallery collections, and photo albums, helping clients showcase their personalities on their mantels to remind them that that's where they live. Christine also taps into her early aspiration of being a teacher as she mentors blooming shutterbugs on using their digital cameras and digital single-lens-reflex (DSLR) cameras, granting them ways to freeze time more skillfully. When not behind the camera for paying clients, Christine often shoots pro bono photography for organizations such as Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario and the Children's Aid Society.
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    901 Bank St
    Ottawa, ON CA
  • Exclusive Moment Photography
    When it comes down to it, admits Exclusive Moment Photography’s Julia Unchura, it's not the years she spent helping her father in his photography studio that made her pick up a camera of her own. Though staging shots and working with equipment certainly helped her learn about photography, it was the vast beauty of Canada, her adopted country, she says, that triggered her passion for capturing images. Since 2004 when her family left their hometown in Kiev and settled in Ottawa, Julia has followed in the footsteps of her father and his father before him, dedicating her life to taking pictures. While Canadian landscapes continue to inspire her, Julia now focuses on capturing candid human behaviours. Influenced heavily by the whimsical street photography of Henri Cartier-Bresson and the wedding photography of Emin Kuliyev—with whom she recently studied in New York City—Julia dedicates each of her shoots to the process of drawing out the essence of her subjects. She combats the camera-shyness of clients and bashful poltergeists with casual conversation and her bubbly personality. Though Julia happily welcomes clients into her studio, nature’s call frequently beckons her to lug her equipment outside for fresh-air shoots around the city.
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    320 Hillsboro Private
    Kanata, ON CA
  • Ottawa
    Reflecting on this childhood, Chris Keating sometimes feels as if he didn't exist. His parents' divorce left him with very little tangible evidence of his formative years, so he's spent his adult life as a photographer making sure children can look back fondly at warm family memories. Chris Keating and his Calgary staff have made this a reality for more than 3,000 families since opening the doors to Towne Photography in 2006. There, the professional photographic crew shoots posed and candid shots of families, children, couples, and babies at picturesque parks or against their studio backdrops, and they also snap triumphant graduate portraits, intimate prenatal shots, and provocative passport pics that make border crossing a breeze. Their ironclad guarantee allows unsatisfied clients to request reshoots, reprints, or resizing on all photographs, and they vow to remake or recapture any artwork that sustains damage over the years. Chris also takes his photographic knowledge on the road to conduct Betterphoto Workshops across the United States and Canada, teaching novice photographers how to artistically preserve their most precious memories.
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    10 High Street SE
    Ottawa, ON CA
  • Magenta Photo Studio
    For more than 10 years, Magenta Photo Studio's talented photographers have teamed up with clients to craft custom-fitted photo sessions. Each session starts with a consultation to review the myriad options available for solo portraits, couples, families, and more. Then, clients can create a preferred ambience by selecting background colours and lighting options. Tailored photo sessions give models the chance to pose with props brought from home or from Magenta Photo Studio's costume cache. Following the session, photographers are happy to review every pose to ensure satisfaction and to help subjects select shots that can be immortalized on a fleet of products, such as prints, iPhone cases, and home accessories. Customers can peruse the homepage gallery for examples of Magenta Photo Studio's moment-capturing prowess, and consult the FAQ page to answer any inquiries.
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    1200 St. Laurent Blvd
    Ottawa, ON CA

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