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  • Waterway Houseboat Vacations
    As the sun’s rays reach across British Columbia, breakfast is being served, coffee and all, in the middle of Shuswap Lake. Though it's been cooked aboard one of Waterway Houseboat Vacations’ watercrafts, the diners devouring their morning meal still have the overwhelming sense that this is what it feels like to spend quality time in the wild. That combination of coming together as a group while communing with nature is Waterway Houseboat Vacations’ raison d'être and has been since its founding in 1968. Dedicated to outfitting aquatic sojourners with the most lavish, well-equipped vessels possible, the company's proprietors had their own fleet of houseboats built up in their Sicamous-based boat yard. Each masterpiece of engineering is embellished with luxurious amenities such as hot tubs, fireplaces, and gold-plated shoulder parrots, each of which fight for boater attention with lake-adjacent activities such as swimming, hiking, water-skiing, and fishing. While eager to introduce visitors to the scenic beauty of the Shuswaps, the company simultaneously aims to uphold a dedication to environmental stewardship, preserving their beloved home with initiatives that include stocking boats with biodegradable soap and spearheading a comprehensive recycling program.
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    10 Mervyn Rd
    Sicamous, BC CA
  • Oyama Zipline Forest Adventure
    Above 70 acres of orchards, vineyards, and alpaca farms, riders at Oyama Zipline Forest Adventure can soar seated or even upside down. That's thanks to Oyama's universal harness, whose automatic brakes also let riders dangle over particularly stunning views of Kalamalka Lake and nearby beaches. The park's seven ziplines?followed closely one after the other over a period of about three hours?range from leaps off 50-foot-tall towers to rides that begin through trapdoors. On Oyama's final double line, two participants fly down a 1,514-foot-long line at up to 85 kilometers per hour, about the speed of cheetah on a leisurely stroll.
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    5617 Oyama Lake Road
    Oyama, BC CA
  • Innerspace Watersports Inc
    A team of experienced and certified diving instructors roams the mask- and air-tank-lined halls of Innerspace Watersports, inviting initiates to dive in with introductory and certification-level scuba lessons. After confirming class times on the phone, first-timers in the Intro to Scuba lesson cover the basics in abstract in 30 terrestrial minutes, and get their fin-coated toes wet during 30 minutes of real-water experience in the pool, located in Coldstream. The open-water certification course lets beginning scuba savants expand their diving adventures beyond occasional dunks in the fish tank, culminating in certification that allows for dives up to 40 feet deep. Under the supervision of Innerspace owner Chad Edwards, two aquanauts delve through a progression of online or in-person academics, pool training, and four open water sessions. Though there is no limit on the number of students in a classroom session, only eight are allowed in the pool at a time, and additional sessions may be available as need requires.
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    3103 32 St
    Vernon, BC CA
  • Raven Aviation Ltd.
    Wind rushes across wings. Hills and valleys roll by thousands of feet below. The clouds seem close enough to touch. But these wings don’t belong to a bird—instead, they’re attached to a motorized tandem glider from Raven Aviation, whose ground-level headquarters nestles in the valley below. Located inside Freedom Flight Park—a preserve established expressly for hang-gliding in 1976—Raven Aviation offers instruction and equipment to those who wish to take to the skies as the birds do, either in hang-gliders or motorized ultralight aircraft. Patrons can cruise the clouds in tandem flights piloted by experienced staff or take a beginner’s hang-gliding lesson to launch themselves solo off a training hill or the back of a friendly dragon.
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    249 Mabel Lake Road
    Lumby, BC CA
  • Tandava Yoga
    In Classic Yoga mythology, the Tandava is "the dance of life." It's a fitting namesake for Tandava Yoga. While yoga isn't mythical, it's as rooted in age-old traditions as many myths; while yoga isn't dance, it's as flowing and expressive as many dances?at least the way it's practiced in the studio's classes. The eclectic mix of classes ranges from gentle yoga and meditation sessions to a core-strengthening workout infused with cardio. Regardless of the specific class, though, the instructors hew to a holistic philosophy, one that encourages conscious breathing, mindfulness, and feeling present.
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    3105 28 Avenue
    Vernon, BC CA
  • Excel Fitness Inc
    The certified instructors at Excel Fitness lead exercisers of all ages and fitness levels in lively group training sessions, including yoga, cardio, and cycling classes. A presale variety-pack punch card grants access to five sessions led by a fleet of experienced fitness instructors. RealRyder classes let students race their shadows on modern stationary bikes, and Krankcycle cardio machines give arms a chance to pedal for upper-body toning. The machine?s bench and cycle mount design allows for multiple directions of exercise as well as full participation from wheelchair-bound fitness seekers. Bellyfit classes, meanwhile, fuse belly dancing, African dance, interpretative polka, and Bollywood styles with yoga, Pilates, and meditation for a holistic cardio cabaret. Step360 uses a round, versatile, floor-mounted device for enhanced step routines that can build balance, strength, and better hoverboarding skills.
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    3203 30 Ave
    Vernon, BC CA

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