Restaurants in Ottawa

In Ottawa, winter lasts as long as hockey season, which is to say: seemingly forever. But that’s not much of an issue for the residents of Canada’s capital city, who can turn to the host of amazing Ottawa restaurants for not just comfort food, but world-class cuisine. In fact, there are so many options, choosing one can be daunting! To help you narrow it down, check out a few of our favorite Ottawa restaurants below:

Best Restaurants in Ottawa


When you think about the best restaurants in Ottawa, you might start with thoughts of fancy prix fixe menus, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay a fortune. That’s why we tried to come up with a list that’s a healthy mix of cheap and midrange options as well as that classic highfalutin fare. Check out our picks for the best restaurants in Ottawa below:



  • The King Eddy: This fancypants diner not only whips up an amazing double cheeseburger, but it serves it 24 hours a day Wednesday through Sunday.
  • Edgar: With only 13 seats, it’s a tight squeeze at this popular spot, but it’s well-worth the wait at brunch for the dutch baby: an oven-baked pancake topped with pork belly, cheddar, apple purée, and a glug of syrup.
  • Coconut Lagoon: A Gold Medal Plates win in 2016 and a silver medal at the 2017 Canadian Culinary Championships are just two good reasons to try the classic Indian Kerala cuisine here.
  • La Pataterie Hulloise: Like we could name the best restaurants and forget a poutine place! This Québécois casse-croûte serves up fresh gravy with their delectable curds.


Absinthe: Established in 2006, this upscale spot sports an impressive collection of absinthe but duck is the star: go for the Mariposa Farm duck breast for sure.

A Quick Guide to Pasta Shapes


How many pasta shapes do you know by name? Sure, you're probably familiar with the common types like spaghetti, penne, and linguini, but what if I told you that there are more than 350 different types of pasta and that many of them go by several different names?



Other names: piat d'angelot, angelotti, agnelotti, agnulot, langaroli, langheroli


What it looks like: a square shaped noodle with a pocket that's stuffed with meat. The terms agnolotti and ravioli are often used interchangeably since their shape is very similar; however, the difference between the two is that agnolotti almost never features a cheese in its filling.



Other names: cellentani, serpentini, trivelle, stortelli, spirali, double elbows, amori


What it looks like: like macaroni, only spiral shaped. The word "cavatappi" means "corkscrew" in Italian; however when most people talk about corkscrew shaped pasta, they're usually talking about fusilli, which is a flat, twisted noodle. Cavatappi, on the other hand, is a hollow, spiral-shaped tube. Confusing!



Other names: recchietelle, stacchiodde


What it looks like: a tiny, curved disc with a hollow in the center. The name literally translates to "tiny ear."


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3 Reasons to Love Brunch


1. It’s more fun than breakfast food.

Brunch menus practically overflow with inventive dishes that almost never make an appearance on a typical breakfast menu (or lunch menu, for that matter). When else do you get to dig into such delectable dishes as chicken and waffles, eggs benedict, french-toast bread pudding, and chilaquiles?


2. You can't be late.

It is virtually impossible to be late to brunch. Even if you roll out of bed a few minutes shy of noon, you've still got at least three solid hours of brunching left in the day. And let's face it: you aren't doing anything productive until you've eaten, so you have a perfectly good excuse to spend those pre-brunch hours doing as little as humanly possible.


3. Everyone is friendly.

Despite the fact that it often comes with long waits and more than a few hangovers, people are surprisingly un-grouchy at brunch. Maybe it's the extra hours of sleep, or the sweet memory of the previous night's debauchery, or just the promise of Fruity Pebbles baked right into your pancakes.


Want even more reasons to love brunch? Or want a few reasons to hate it? Check out the full article here.

Fraser Cafe | 7 Springfield Rd.


Fraser Cafe is a New Edinburgh hotspot run by two brothers with a passion for quality ingredients. It’s been impressing diners for over a decade thanks to its small, seasonal menu that can include everything from fresh strawberry salads that get a bite from halloumi cheese to plates of decadent and hearty beef short rib atop a mound of potato purée and horseradish gremolata. Their brunch is also well worth flinging yourself out of bed for. Keep it simple and grab eggs scrambled with cheese curds or go for something a little fancier, like their poached eggs with tomato and eggplant ragout. Either way, definitely finish with the fresh apple doughnuts!

Flying Piggy's Bistro Italiano | 1665 Bank St.


The cherubic, winged pig on the sign at Flying Piggy's Bistro Italiano grins at passersby; it's a smile you might crack were you holding onto a delicious secret. Of course, delicious secrets are exactly what you'd find if you finagled your way into the kitchen. There, chefs handcraft ravioli and gnocchi one at a time, infusing them with the flavors of fresh-from-the-market ingredients. They also douse sea scallops in a creamy basil and white wine sauce, and sauté veal medallions to tender perfection. Like wedding guests during a long-winded toast, other cooks focus largely on the desserts, preparing new kinds of cheesecake daily alongside staples such as lemon tortes and creme brulee. This bounty of Italian cuisine comes with a cozy atmosphere. Dark wood and warm soft lighting do as much to fend off a chilly night as the crackling fire, the central feature of the new veranda room.