San Diego is famous for its perfect temperatures, sunny skies, and year-round beaches. But paradise isn’t without its downsides. For example, living in swimsuit and tank-top weather means constant exposure, which for some people means constant beauty upkeep. Therein lies the appeal of medical aesthetics, and in San Diego, laser hair removal is an especially alluring option for those who would rather spend time outside than in a waxing salon. Here are a few things to know if you’re considering laser hair removal in San Diego. How Does Laser Hair Removal Work? From grocery scanners to movie effects, the laser has served many roles since its discovery in 1960. Because of its monochromatic color properties, it’s found yet another in the field of cosmetics. Simply put, lasers have the ability to assume the color of its target, thereby bypassing one barrier—say, the skin—while reaching another, like a hair follicle. During hair-removal treatments, lasers penetrate into the upper tissue without damaging it and seek out the dark brown of the melanin in the hair root, creating heat that damages its ability to grow. What Is the Best Laser Hair Removal System? It’s not so much about choosing the best laser system as it is choosing the best for you. There are a few well-known brands you’ll see advertised at med spas, but each offers its own advantages that may or may not align with your needs. Some systems work best with a certain skin tone—the YAG laser, for instance, is optimal for darker skin tones, while the Candela GentleLase works best with light skin tones. Other traits to keep in mind are the fineness or thickness of the patient’s hair and the comfort features of the equipment, such as cooling devices. Here’s a breakdown of which version might be bright for you. What Should I Know Before I Go? First thing to remember is that laser hair-removal treatments aren’t guaranteed to remove every hair, and that some hair may regrow. But as an FDA-approved hair-reduction treatment, it’s likely to produce longer-lasting results than the common alternatives. Another thing to keep in mind, paradoxical as it may sound: for the best beach body … stay off the beach. Temporarily, that is. Doctors recommend avoiding direct sunlight for anywhere up to six weeks following treatments to avoid side effects.
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