San Jose is the third largest city in California with almost one million residents. Although the city is known for its sunny weather and stunning natural surroundings, that doesn't mean that residents don't feel the stress of living in a large city. San Jose massage businesses create miniature escapes from the city outside, creating oases where customers can enjoy a quick break from work or a full afternoon of relaxing.

Many San Jose residents take advantage of the city's proximity to mountains and the ocean by pursuing a variety of outdoor activities. For people who have sore muscles from hiking or surfing, San Jose massage therapy companies can help relieve tension. At Astounding Massage Management, therapists specialize in more than just relaxation; they also handle sports injuries and pulled muscles. Therapists take their time and ask questions to get to the root of the problem, so each massage is tailored to the individual customer.

When the pressures of city life get to be overwhelming, a luxurious massage can revive the spirit. At the Slice of Heaven Day Spa, the relaxing interior decor and calming music create an escape from the chaos outside. In addition to massages, the spa offers a full menu of spa treatments, from waxing to hot stone therapy.

For people who are more interested in the massage than the surroundings, many San Jose spas focus solely on one service. At Day Dream Therapy, the experienced massage therapists provide highly personalized massages in a clean, no-frills environment. They speak with clients in advance and provide regular communication during the massage to ensure that the pressure is comfortable. The business accepts online bookings 24 hours in advance and accepts phone bookings for later notice.

Whether customers are looking for a full-body massage or a quick relaxation break at lunch, San Jose massage businesses have options for every preference and budget.

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