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  • Pink Palace Family of Museums
    The interactive exhibits and programs compiled by the Pink Palace Family of Museums reinforce a mission that has stayed constant for 80 years: to "inspire people to learn how history, science, technology, and nature shape the Mid-South." Attached to Clarence Saunders' mansion built in the 1920s, the museum's permanent exhibits take an eclectic approach to chronicling the past, revealing everything from ancient fossils to contemporary southern history. Inside, visitors can chart the history of Memphis from the early Spanish explorers through the Civil War or walk through a replica of Saunders' original Piggly Wiggly?the country?s first self-service grocery store, and even see a shrunken head. Global adventures are chronicled on a four-story screen at the CTI 3D Giant Theater theater. Traveling to east Memphis, one can discern the natural side of the Pink Palace Family of Museums. Lichterman Nature Center encompasses 65 acres of lush gardens filled with native wildflowers, trees, and wildlife. The center combines self-guided nature walks with plant sales and educational activities to expose visitors to the natural world. Alternatively, the stately 25-room Mallory-Neely House, located in Victorian Village, features stenciled and hand painted ceilings, parquet flooring, and stained-glass windows purchased at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.
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    3050 Central Ave
    Memphis, TN US
  • Curious Heart Emporium
    One in, one out. This must be Curious Heart Emporium's policy for managing inventory. Colorful, handcrafted lawn sculptures seem to spill out from the yellow-and-green cottage, whose interior shelves are packed to capacity with artisan gifts and novelty pieces from across North America and Europe. Kathy Corley hand selects everything that guests see in her shop, including jewelry, greeting cards, and sarcastic wall art. Corley, who left her career in the film industry as an art director, likens the shop's character to "Willy Wonka's on steroids." When shopping around, Corley often gravitates toward items that remind her of her family members. For example, tin toys remind her of her father, and flamingo-inspired pieces represent her sister, who spent her third year of life standing on one foot. Corley also enjoys handcrafted and designer Christmas ornaments and trees, and dedicates an entire room in the store to them during the holidays. Throughout the spring and summer, her partially enclosed patio and lawn feature garden décor, including metal folk-art roosters and solar-powered paper lanterns.
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    2832 Bransford Ave
    Nashville, TN US
  • Lisa Foster Floral Design
    Lisa Foster, who has more than 20 years of floral-design experience, cut ties with her former flower shop in 2004 in order to realize her dream of opening her own design studio, Lisa Foster Floral Design. Though she worked out of her home for the first few years, she gained so many clients—128 brides in 2008—that she knew she had to open a storefront to keep up with the demand. By 2010, Lisa was arranging blooms for more than 200 brides as well as gussying up birthdays, anniversaries, or anticipated video-game releases with red roses, yellow sunflowers, and white orchids. Lisa is committed to making her clients' celebrations special, and so she only creates custom arrangements that are never "cookie-cutter" designs. She also wants to make events as stress-free as possible. This is why she rents out special-occasion equipment, such as crystal trees, candelabras, and wandering minstrels, and offers her brides links to her favorite trusted vendors on her website.
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    6622 Kingston Pike
    Knoxville, TN US
  • Bon'Appetite Bistro Catering
    The dishes of Bon'Appetite Bistro Catering's master chef, Jernard Wells, have graced the tables of celebrities including Steve Harvey and Paula Deen, earning him recognition from Cuisine Noir and Chatter magazines. Traveling to client's homes, Wells crafts customized menus in a variety of regional cuisines such as Cajun, American, Jamaican, Martian, and Italian. In addition, cooking classes for adults, teens, and couples illuminate the art of crafting cuisines with simple methods yet complex flavors. Chef Jernard is also the author of 88 Ways to Her Heart: Cooking for Lovers, which is mostly metaphorical and doesn't detail the process of riding a Cheerio directly to your significant other's left ventricle.
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    5600 Brainerd Road
    Chattanooga, TN US
  • Relish Nashville
    The diversity of Relish's offerings?from its dine-in menu of salads and sandwiches to its bakery treats ?represents the eatery's evolution from a small deli to a full-blown restaurant. Those early diner favorites, such as tuna melts and meatball subs, still fill bellies alongside bread bowls full of hot pasta. On the bakery side, custom cakes, gourmet cupcakes, cookies, and cheesecakes line the counters or await pickup for a future event.
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    149 Kender Rhea Ct
    Clarksville, TN US
  • 3 Brothers Deli and Brewhouse
    During the evening, 3 Brothers Deli and Brewhouse exudes the warm glow of an after-hours hangout, one where friends congregate and the faint din of chatter spills out into the parking lot every time the front door swings open. But it wasn't always this way. According to, just 100 days after brothers Rob and Eric Fortney opened their first Italian deli, it burned to the ground. Rather than throw in the towel, they spent half a year retooling and plotting a grand reopening that surpassed all their earlier ambitions. And this is what they came up with. The rebuilt and expanded 3 Brothers Deli and Brewhouse beckons loyal regulars to sip 1 of more than 60 beers or premium spirits while tackling a massive signature hoagie or pasta dinner. In a back room, a salacious lamp inspired by A Christmas Story illuminates a small collection of arcade games, including a pinball machine and a miniature bowling game designed to be played with tiny balls or unripe plums. In addition to these fun-filled diversions, the pub entertains guests throughout the week with a schedule of live music, open mic nights, and other events.
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    223 West Main Street
    Murfreesboro, TN US

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