Restaurants in Tulsa

Are you playing that game you play with friends? You know the one—“What are you hungry for?” “I don’t know, what are you hungry for?” When you’re famished, it can be hard to make a decision, so we’re here to save the day with some great ideas for Tulsa restaurants to visit. Craving burgers, pizza, or Mexican? Or something else? Read on.

Best Burgers in Tulsa

Brownies Hamburgers

Travel back to 1956, when Brownie’s Hamburgers first opened—just walking through the door will get you there, with its old-fashioned diner counter, vinyl booths, and glass pie case. Behind the counter, the menu is spelled out in moveable letters, tempting diners with its tried-and-true repertoire of burgers and housemade root beer.

Best Immersive Dining Experience

Murder Mystery Dinner at the Stone Lion Inn

As gas lanterns flicker on leaded glass–lined bookcases, one would imagine The Stone Lion Inn to be the perfect setting for a period-set murder mystery. Each guest is given a character and costume suggestions, and over cocktails by the fireplace, the mystery begins to play out. A seven-course meal served in an oak-lined dining room accompanies each whodunnit, but it’s not until after dessert in the library when sleuths can begin hurling accusations.

Best Sushi in Tulsa

Kirin Asian Cuisine & Sushi

Every sauce that comes from the kitchen at Kirin was crafted by Chef Bae himself. These sauces are made for dipping spring rolls and dousing noodle dishes and enriching stir frys. But the chef has also created an impressive sushi menu. Here’s a sampling of some of the restaurant’s specialty rolls:

  • Under the Sea: a baked scallop-crab salad tops a roll constructed with shrimp tempura, cucumber, jalapeño, and cream cheese
  • Kirin: the namesake roll embraces shrimp and crab sweetened with mango and avocado
  • Valentine’s: bright pink tuna wraps this roll, made with eel, avocado, and eel sauce
  • Tiger: the stripes come from the colors of the fish: tuna, salmon, and yellowtail, wrapped in soy paper and drizzled with eel sauce
  • Lobster: the shellfish is deep-fried and wrapped with avocado, snow crab, cream cheese, and eel sauce.

Best Tulsa Pizzeria

Naples Pizza and Flatbread

The menu borrows a little bit from many cuisines, serving chicken potstickers and marinara meatballs for appetizers, and korean bbq pork on mac and cheese. This love of the nontraditional also translates to the eatery’s menu of pizza and flatbreads. While diners can always order a traditional margherita pizza, they might be swayed to go outside the box and try one of the unique flatbreads on offer such as:

  • Lobster thermidor flatbread: made with langostino lobster, bacon, two cheeses, and thermidor sauce and finished with a drizzled balsamic reduction
  • Hey Jerk flatbread: a caribbean spin, with pulled pork, coconut, pineapple, and—of course—jerk sauce
  • Bang Bang: shrimp with goat cheese and caramelized onion smothered in a thai chili sauce


Or Try These Pizza Spots

  • Marley’s Pizza: Chicago-style deep dish with a buttery crust
  • NYC Pizza: hand-tossed slices and pies, Big Apple–style
  • Pie Hole Pizza: traditional or creative pizzas, also available by the slice
  • Hideaway Pizza: an Oklahoma favorite since 1957, with seven locations in Tulsa

Best Cafe in Tulsa

Nordaggio’s Coffee

At Nordaggio’s Coffee, the baristas have a special allegiance to Arabica beans. With the attentiveness of sommeliers, they examine each batch of beans before roasting and brewing into rich coffee and espresso drinks. Some of the blends you might find behind the counter include:

  • Espresso Divino: chocolatey
  • Nox Atra: earthy
  • Afroguatran: a blend of East African, Guatemalan, and Indonesian java


And if you need further convincing, let these customer reviews do the job:


“Nordaggio’s has such friendly service and great coffee! The French Press is so good, not bitter at all. It’s a great atmosphere to meet a friend, too!” – Kay M.


“Great coffee and service every time I've been there.”  – Cynthia G.

“Big fan of the shop! I'm no connoisseur, but trust me when I say that it has some of the best coffee in Tulsa.” – Christiana S.


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